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As much as we love to travel as a family, there’s nothing quite like coming home is there? We love making our home a bright and happy place to come back to and are always on the look out for clever ways to make our home work well for us.

Hive got in touch with us recently to see if we would like to get involved in their #MyHiveHome campaign. I had heard of Hive before as I’d seen their TV adverts, but I didn’t really know much about their products. So I was excited to work with them and find out more about the brand and what they do.

Who are Hive? 

If,  like me, you don’t know much about Hive, then let me fill you in. Hive is the UK’s leading smart home provider. They have created a family of smart products and services that connect your home and make daily living easier. Sounds good, right?

We want to help you make time for the best moments in life. The moments that put a smile on your face. The stuff that brings you joy. We think we all spend too much time doing things we don’t want to do, and not enough doing the things we love; and it’s about time that changed. 

Hive very kindly sent us a basket of goodies which included four of their fantastic products. They also sent some treats for the kids. And even the dog, how nice is that?!

A lovely Hive ambassador came to our home with the gifts and helped us to set up the products. It didn’t take long at all to get everything up and running, the devices are really simple to install. The Hive ambassador made sure we knew how to use all of the products and answered any questions we had before leaving.

Hive Hub

The first product to mention is the Hive Hub. This, as the name suggests, is the main hub that connects all of your Hive products.

The Hive Hub is really easy to use and set up – simply plug it into your broadband router, pair your Hive products on the Hive app and you’re ready to start adding your Hive devices.

The Hive app is amazing, it allows you to control all of your Hive products in one place. You’re able to create an ecosystem in the palm of your hand, which you can add to whenever you purchase new Hive products.

Hive Hub – £80

Hive View

The Hive View camera is probably our favourite Hive product. Not only is it a very modern looking camera that fits in perfectly with the decor of our home, but it’s super clever too.

You can move the camera around your home depending on where you need it, you can even wall mount it. For the most part we have the camera set up in the dining room so that we can keep an eye on the dog while we are out.

If there is motion or sound detected the camera will start recording and then send a notification to your phone. You can then play back the recording or choose to go to live view to see what’s happening.

We were out for the day last week and I had a notification to tell me that sound had been detected. I played back the clip and was able to hear our dog barking, so we knew she was fed up of being on her own and it was time for us to head back home.

The Hive View camera also has built-in two way audio which we have had lots of fun playing around with. While we were away a couple of weekends ago we tested it out by shouting our cats name, to see if he would be able to hear us. Sure enough he came running down the stairs to see where we were! My mum later came round to feed him so we had some more fun surprising her through the camera!

Hive View – £189

Hive door sensor

The Hive door sensor gives us piece of mind that if there’s movement in our home we will be notified immediately. You can attach the sensor to any door or window in your home, we decided to go for the back door – which is the main door we use into our home.

The app will let me know when the door is opened and closed and means that I can worry less when I’m not home.

Hive door sensor – £29

Hive Active Light – colour changing

Another of our favourite Hive products is the colour changing light bulb, which we have set up in Max’s bedroom. The light bulb, as with all Hive products can be controlled from your phone.

It’s really cool and allows you to change the colour depending on your mood, or you can choose a normal white or yellow glow. You can also adjust the brightness using the dimmer setting. This is really great for the kids bedrooms as we can dim the light at bedtime to help the kids relax for sleep.

Another cool feature is that you can set up a schedule, so if you are on holiday, you can schedule the lights to come on at certain times. You can adjust this so that they come on at different times on different days, so that it doesn’t look obviously scheduled.

You can also set the lights to come on when you get home which I think will be really nice particularly in winter when it’s dark and cold out. A very warm welcome home indeed.

The colour changing light bulbs are priced at £44, which may seem a little expensive, but they are rated A+ for energy efficiency, and because you can control them remotely you can make sure they’re not left on. Hive bulbs last for years, so in my opinion they are well worth the money.

Something else worth mentioning is that Hive Active Lights can be controlled with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Max has an Amazon Alexa in his room so it’s really handy for him to be able to ask Alexa to turn the lights on and off.

Hive colour changing light bulb – £44

Discount code

To get 20% off any Hive products use the code HIVE0211U at checkout (valid for the first 10 people). Head over to the Hive website to browse the range of products.

Thank you for reading.

*In collaboration with Hive*