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Bobux SS20

*AD – PR products*

Bobux shoes have been a firm favourite of ours for a few years now. I love the styles, colour options and how comfortable the children find wearing them. Each season I’m always so excited to see their new styles and colours, which are always so funky and colourful.

Bobux have very kindly sent over a couple of pairs for Evie from their current summer range, and she is really pleased with them! Unfortunately for Max Bobux go up to a EU size 33 (UK size 1) so he has now outgrown them, I do wish he would stop growing!


Bobux are a New Zealand based company, founded back in 1991. Bobux create shoes that are not only on trend but are also good for our children’s feet too. They are constantly striving to learn more about healthy foot development and using this knowledge to design kids shoes that are genuine objects of desire for mums.

Bobux shoes range from newborn all the way up to a UK size 1. They are split up into four different size categories – Soft Sole for newborn & prewalkers, Step Up for first walkers, I-Walk for toddlers and Kid + for bigger kids, which is what my two are in.

“Since our inception in 1991 we have always strived to do the best thing we can for kid’s feet. Over the years we’ve brought in talented foot experts to be part of our company, sought lasting partnerships with podiatrists from around the world and, importantly, spent a whole lot of time studying how children move as they grow from newborn to running and jumping little maniacs.”

Grass Court Trainers

The first pair of shoes we picked for Evie are the Grass Court trainers in rose gold. The kids have had these trainers before and we’ve always really liked them. They bring out new colours each season and are currently available in blueberry, navy, seashell pink as well as the beautiful rose gold colour that we went for.

The Grass Court trainers have always been my kids everyday go to shoes as they are comfy, hardwearing and go with any outfit. The velcro fastening means that they are quick and easy to put on and easily adjustable depending on how wide or narrow your child’s feet are.

Grass Court trainers – £50

Tropicana Sandals

We also picked out the Tropicana sandals in this gorgeous mint colour, aren’t they lovely? This particular colour appears to be sold out at the moment (I mean, it’s not hard to see why!), but they are available in other colours and age ranges.

The Tropicana sandals are made from fast drying, premium quality leather so are perfect for summer adventures. The sole is highly flexible and durable so they are able to withstand wear and tear, which is ideal for Evie who is always on the go and exploring!

“Part of making the world’s best children’s shoes is sourcing the world’s best materials. Bobux shoes are held to an extremely high quality standard, they need to be durable, flexible to children’s movements, and easily adjustable for the perfect fit. It’s this level of detail that makes Bobux a better fit, more breathable, more comfortable and provide more protection than any other children’s shoe in the world.”

Tropicana sandals– £45

What do you think to Evie’s new shoes? Which pair do you like the best?

Thank you for reading.