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Green People Award Winning Baby Salve Review | Plus Free Sample and Discount Code

baby salve

As you all know by now, when it comes to Green People products, I just can’t get enough. I particularly enjoy using their products on my kids as I know that they will be kind to their sensitive skin.

Green People is celebrating their 20th anniversary this year and one of the first baby products that they launched was the Soothing Baby Salve. In the years since it was launched, the Soothing Baby Salve has become an iconic product in the Green People baby range, and continues to be one of their best loved products.

Baby Salve is definitely not just for babies and can be used on big kids and even adults too. From dry skin and eczema to cradle cap, this is a brilliant multi purpose product for all the family to use. I love the subtle lavender fragrance, and that the product is certified 92% organic and free from harmful mineral oils.

Charlotte Vøhtz, Founder of Green People says, “I formulated the baby range as a result of my daughter Sandra’s eczema and severe skin allergies. Babies and children are far more sensitive to their surroundings than adults. Even tiny amounts of synthetic ingredients in lotions, creams, shampoos and other skin preparations can spark off allergic reactions. I believe that only the best is good enough for our young ones.”

As I’ve mentioned before, both of my children have sensitive skin and Max also has eczema, so I have to be very careful about what I put on his skin. We’ve been using the Baby Salve for a couple of weeks now on Max’s dry areas and have seen a definite improvement, with results from as soon as three days!

I myself have recently developed psoriasis and have found this product works well for me too, and it even makes a great lip balm!

Free sample

To claim your free sample of the Green People Soothing Baby Salve, simply follow this link.

Your sample will also include a discount code for £3.50 off the full sized product.

Soothing Baby Salve is priced at £10.50 for 100ml.

If you do give this a try please do let me know how you’ve got on with it, I’d love to know if it’s worked as well for you as it has for us.

Thanks for reading.