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Learning Through Play with Mega Bloks


Me and Evie have been working with Mumsnet and Mega Bloks to try out a couple of Mega Bloks products and explore the various ways that children learn through play.

We received the Mega Bloks Bloc Scooping Wagon and the Big Building Bag, both of which Evie has loved playing with. The Big Building Bag contains a whopping 60 pieces so plenty to allow a child to be creative and build whatever they like.

The Bloc Scooping Wagon is fantastic as it picks up the blocks as you’re child is pushing it along, it also comes with 20 blocks included.

img_5119 img_5111

I love educational toys, especially for children of Evie’s age because they are at that age where they are picking up new things so easily. Evie is honestly like a sponge at the moment and surprising me with the new things that she learns everyday.

Mega Bloks are great for developmental play and benefit children’s physical, cognitive and social & emotional development. They can help in many different ways such as with motor skills, problem solving and self expression.

We’ve been concentrating on colours, shapes and counting recently and Mega Bloks have really helped with that. Evie was struggling a little with counting and was getting to about 12 and then her numbers started to get a little bit jumbled up. Since we’ve been encouraging her to count the Mega Bloks as she’s playing with them, she is now able to count to 20!

We absolutely loved reviewing these products and Evie has continued to play with them most days since they arrived. Santa might even be bringing her some more Mega Bloks now that we’ve discovered her love for them! If she’s good, that is 😉

Please check out our video below and don’t forget to like, comment and subscribe for more videos form Mumsnet.

What do you think to Mega Bloks? Does your child enjoy playing with them?

Thanks for reading.


1 Comment

  1. December 23, 2016 / 9:50 pm

    We love Megabloks in our house! I bought the boys a bag of them a few months ago and now they’ve really got to grips with them and have a great attention span for building towers. Can’t wait to see what more they learn to do as they grow. That wagon looks great fun! (And anything that helps with tidying up is a bonus!)