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Baby Sebamed Range | Review

Over the past week we’ve been testing out these bath products from Sebamed and have been really impressed with them.

Sebamed are a German brand, established in 1957 and are now recommended by dermatologists and skin experts worldwide.

Their Baby and Children’s range is specially formulated for delicate skin, with a PH value of 5.5 it won’t dry skin out. But what is PH? PH is the value of acid or alkali on a scale of 1 – 14, healthy skin has a slightly acid PH value of 5.5.

Now my children are definitely not babies anymore but this range is aimed at both babies and children, and both of my children have very sensitive skin. Max has eczema too so we have to be careful what we put on his skin, as the slightest thing can cause a flare up.


Bubble Bath

This bubble bath is clear and has a lovely subtle scent, not at all overpowering. It created lots of bubbles in the bath, which is really important to my two who won’t get in a bath without bubbles!

I was keen to see if this lived up to its claim of being good for delicate skin. I wasn’t disappointing, after a few baths in this both children’s skin is lovely and soft and no eczema flare ups for Max.

The extra mild 100% soap and alkali free wash active complex cleanses the skin gently without drying the skin. The herbal extract camomile soothes and protects the delicate skin against irritation.


Baby Wash

This a lovely scented product that is kind to delicate skin, just as it promises to be. A little of this product goes a long way so the bottle should last quite a while.

This very mild wash active compound is 100% soap and alkali free. Based on skin-related glucose surfactants this formulation offers high skin tolerability for extra gentle daily cleansing.

IMG_9541 IMG_9551

Children’s Shampoo

This is a lovely shampoo with the same subtle scent as the bubble bath and body wash. It left the kids hair smelling great and feeling super soft. Both children have very dry scalps and this shampoo didn’t make it any worse, which is the case with a lot of shampoos we have tried.

For the delicate scalp and fine hair of babies and children from birth to adolescence. The PH value of 5.5 promotes the development of the scalps  physiological acid mantle. A 100% soap and alkali free mild emollient formula for excellent skin tolerance.


Overall we were really impressed with these products and we would use them again, they are great for both babies and children and especially those with sensitive skin and eczema.

Thanks for reading.

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