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Nosiboo nasal aspirator

One thing that all parent dread is their child getting a horrible cold. The kind where they are so bunged up that they can’t breath through their nose. Sleep becomes pretty much non existent and you’ll try absolutely anything to ease their symptoms – nose sprays, decongestants, vaporisers, steam, Vicks vapour rub etc.

I remember when my two were newborns, being c-section babies meant that they had a lot of mucus in those first couple of weeks. I remember we tried all sorts and nothing really seemed to help. Even now at age four and six when they get a cold they struggle to sleep. So are nasal aspirators the answer? We’ve been trying out the Nosiboo Pro nasal aspirator to see how well it clears out the children’s snuffly noses.

What is a nasal aspirator? 

A nasal aspirator is a small device which you place inside your child’s nose and it basically sucks out the snot, making it easier for them to breath through their nose. Older nasal aspirators were just a bulb like object while newer ones have a tube and a mouthpiece for you to suck the snot through yourself, sounds pretty grim right? Don’t worry the snot is collected in a little chamber and definitely does not go into your mouth! But it still doesn’t sound very appealing if you ask me. We used this type of nasal aspirator when Evie was a tiny baby with very little effect.

Nosiboo Nasal Aspirator Pro

The Nosiboo nasal aspirator is different to the ones mentioned above as you don’t suck through the tube yourself. The unit plugs into the mains offering powerful suction. The Nosiboo was awarded the PTPA Seal of Approval in 2017, a German Design Award in 2016 as well as winning a Red Dot Design Award in 2014.

Nosiboo was created when two young dads failed to find the perfect nasal aspirator and after many sleepless nights they came up with the idea. They spent two years researching, developing and testing the prototypes, before creating the final design.

“Here at Nosiboo, we do believe that prevention is the best way to keep our children healthy. As parents we have to take responsibility for making sure they stay healthy and have a happy childhood.” Zsolt M. CEO

What’s in the box? 

In the Nosiboo box you will find the main Nosiboo unit, tube, power cord, end piece and nozzle, a spare nozzle and the instruction manual.

It’s very easy to put the Nosiboo together. Simply attach the tube to the unit and then to the end piece. The power cable connects at the back of the Nosiboo unit and you’re ready to go!

Using the Nosiboo

After reading the instruction manual we gave the Nosiboo a go. Although both of my children are now at an age where they are able to blow their noses themselves (unlike babies), I’m not sure how well they actually do it. They certainly could use a little bit of help in getting rid of all that nasty mucus. Both Max and Evie have colds at the moment so I was interested to see how the Nosiboo would do.

There is a little dial on the unit which you can change depending on the age of your child. The minimum level is for newborns, middle for babies and maximum for older children, which is what we went for. When you turn the unit on it makes a little bit of noise, similar to a vacuum cleaner, which I guess in a way it is! Only for the nose. Both children gave it a try and at first were a little unsure about the nozzle going up their nose, but they soon got used to it.

The instruction manual recommends that you only use the Nosiboo for 10 seconds at a time, which is what we did. We were really impressed with the results and managed to get a lot of snot from both children! Definitely more than we would have from blowing their nose alone.

The Nosiboo Pro is available to purchase from Amazon for £129 and is available in green, pink and blue.

Our thoughts

We have been really impressed with the Nosiboo so far, we got great results and found it really easy to use. £129 is not exactly cheap but this is a product that is going to last through your little one’s entire childhood and will be used time and time again. If your children are anything like mine and get colds frequently during winter, then you know that you are going to get your money’s worth out of this product. I just wish I had had one of these when the children were babies, I really think it would have been a lifesaver and would have certainly helped with those sleepless nights.

Is the Nosiboo Nasal Aspirator Pro something that you would try?

Thank you for reading.

*In collaboration with Nosiboo*