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Hooray Heroes

*This is a paid partnership*

Anyone who knows Evie will know that her favourite person in the whole world is her Nan. She loves spending time with her and when she’s not with her, she’s probably talking about her. Hooray Heroes recently asked if we would like to create a personalised book featuring both Evie and her Nan, and I knew they would love it!

Hooray Heroes

Hooray Heroes sell a wide range of personalised books featuring children, parents, grandparents and siblings. They even do milestone books and baby diary style books, which look really fun and are a great idea for new parents.

“Our books for kids and families have been personalised over 1.5 million times! Some readers laugh, some (most!) cry tears of joy – create yours now and let the emotions begin!”

Nan, I’ll always be your little Evie…

Nan, I’ll always be your little Evie‘ features Evie and her Nan together in a book full of whimsical, rhyming stories that capture the special bond that they share. The book includes 10 short stories which you can choose yourself when creating your book. Evie’s favourite thing about the book has to be the illustrations, which are really bright and beautiful. She couldn’t wait to show her Nan the book and for her to see how similar the characters look to them!

We are really impressed with our Hooray Heroes personalised book and I know that it will be cherished for a long time to come. I think the books are such a lovely idea, especially after the challenging year we’ve all had. Many children and grandparents have been missing each other and haven’t been able to spend much quality time together. Sharing a special book together like this is a great way for them to strengthen their bond once again.


When creating your book you begin by personalising your child character by choosing their gender, skin colour, eye colour, hair colour and style. You can even add glasses and freckles! Next you can personalise your grandparent in the same way. I was really impressed by how much Evie and my mums characters look like them! You can then pick your stories, as I mentioned earlier you are able to choose up to 10 short stories. Finally, you have the option to add a gift box and write a dedication.

When you’ve finished personalising your book you can preview what the cover and inside pages will look like. I found this really helpful as it meant that I could make sure I was happy with the book and make any small changes I needed to.

As Grandparents Day is right around the corner (Sunday 4th October) it’s the perfect opportunity for children to show their grandparents just how much they mean to them. Personalised gifts always go down well and with a Hooray Heroes book children can spend quality time with their grandparent as they enjoy the book together.

The Hooray Heroes grandparents book is priced at £44 plus P&P. Use code EMMAPLUSTHREE10 to get 10% off your order.

How are you celebrating Grandparents Day this year?

Thank you for reading.