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morning routine

*This is a guest post*

Making sure that you are fed, watered, and ready each morning can be quite stressful. Add children into the mix and it can be even worse. One of the things that a lot of women struggle with each day is trying to look half decent and still make it out of the door on time. The good news is there are many things you can do to save time. Here are 3 ways to speed up your morning beauty routine.


If your hair is thick or long and takes an age to dry, washing it the night before will save you a huge amount of styling time the next day. If you like curls, use the rag method whereby you wrap damp hair around lengths of fabric before going to bed. When you wake up, it should have produced beautiful curls that will stay in place throughout the day.

Another way to speed up your hair routine in the morning is to use dry shampoo. A quick spray and it will help keep your hair grease-free and give it a newly washed look. If your hair is a decent length, an up-do can give you a stylish look that suggests lots of time has been taken over it. In reality, it takes minutes to throw your hair up in a messy bun or a ponytail.


If you find yourself in a panic each morning trying to figure out what to wear, look out your clothes the night before instead. It will alleviate a lot of stress the next day and save you loads of time.

Another issue that many women encounter often is putting on an outfit from their summer wardrobe, then realising that they haven’t tended to their underarm or leg hair. Whilst many people like to go natural, it’s not something most of us feel courageous enough to do. A great way to combat this issue forever is to have permanent hair removal treatment. There are a few treatment options available, and it could save you a heap of time and effort in the long run. Click here to find out more.


If you don’t already have one, consider getting a dressing table with integrated storage. If all of your beauty products are kept in one place, it will make it far easier to find what you need.

Using a tinted moisturiser is way quicker than foundation as it’s much thinner and so can be evenly applied with your fingers. It works just like a moisturiser but has a hint of colour to give you an even complexion. Many tinted moisturisers come with a built-in SPF omitting the need for sunscreen.

If you spend a long time trying to perfect your eyebrows each morning, consider having them tinted to add a bit of colour and then use a clear mascara each morning to keep stray hairs at bay.

Just a few changes here and there can speed up your beauty routine but won’t compromise your overall look.

Thank you for reading.

*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored article*