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Getting My Teeth Whitened with Centre for Dentistry and Enlighten

teeth whitened

A couple of months ago I was chatting on my instagram stories about how self conscious I was about my teeth and how I would love for them to be whiter. I am guilty of drinking too much tea and coffee and I also love red wine, not a good recipe for bright white teeth is it? Not long after this the folks at Centre for Dentistry got in touch to see if I would like to review their teeth whitening treatment, so of course I absolutely jumped at the chance!

For anyone reading this who is local, Centre for Dentistry is located in Sainsbury’s at Wadsley Bridge, so it’s super convenient to pop in before or after you do your shopping. They do have lots of other practices across the country though and you can find your nearest one here.

The surgery itself is a lovely space, really modern and bright and the staff are all really friendly and welcoming, which is exactly what you need when you’re nervous about visiting the dentist!

My first appointment was to check the health of my teeth and gums, because if I needed any work doing it would have to be done before the whitening treatment started. Luckily though I only needed a scale and polish. Next, the dentist made the impressions for my custom whitening trays that I would need as part of my treatment. I was also given tooth serum paste to use over the following two weeks to prepare my teeth and help desensitise them.

Two weeks later I was back to collect my home kit, which is the enlighten evolution 3 kit. It’s designed to¬†gently brighten the teeth whilst protecting them from damage and sensitivity at the same time. The kit included my custom trays, desensitiser swabs and two syringes containing the whitening gel. One syringe contains a 10% gel, to be used for one week and the second week I will move on to the 16% gel. The kit also comes with an ice pack as the gel must be kept refrigerated at all times.

At the time of writing this I have been using the home kit for five days and can already see an improvement in my teeth. The first couple of nights were a little restless as I was getting used to the trays but now they don’t bother me at all. In terms of sensitivity, after about three days I was starting to experience some discomfort so at that point I started using the desensitiser swabs and I haven’t had any problems since.

The second part of the process is an hour long final treatment back at the dentist surgery. I cannot wait to see what my teeth look like at the end of this process. I will of course be writing a follow up blog post about that treatment, including before and after photos so you can see my results.

The treatment costs £399 and takes around six weeks to complete. More treatments options are available and you can find out more here.

If you have any questions about the treatment that I haven’t covered then please do leave me a comment.

Thanks for reading.

*My treatment is complimentary in exchange for an honest review, all opinions are my own*

1 Comment

  1. June 26, 2017 / 9:59 am

    Oh this sounds great! I am super conscious of my teeth and being on camera more has just made me feel worse about them. Will look forward to seeing the results!