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*This is a sponsored article with La Redoute*

As we’re in the middle of winter and the weather has been super cold, I like to keep myself and my family cosy in plenty of layers. If your children are anything like mine you’ll know they can get warm very quickly from all the running around that they do, even on the coldest of days! So being able to easily remove a layer if I need to is really handy. Read on for layering tips for the whole family this winter…

Base layers

Base layers don’t necessarily have to be thermals. A lightweight and well fitting t-shirt or shirt is a great starting point. Here I’m wearing a long sleeved silk shirt, which is perfect for layering as it’s lightweight and comfortable to wear against the skin. I also like the collar sticking out over the neck of my jumper, you’ve probably noticed that collars are everywhere this season and I love it!

Middle layers

You can have lots of fun with your middle layers and really start to style your outfit up. Me and Evie opted for cosy knits, and I love the Christmas vibes I’m getting from Evie’s jumper. Max is wearing a checked shirt over his t-shirt which I think looks great together and does a great job of keeping the cold out.

Cosy coats

Probably the most important layer of all is your coat. This is going to be the bulkiest item so it’s important to get it right. Teddy coats are a brilliant option for winter as they look good and are super snuggly. Puffer coats are another great option, this one that Max’s is wearing has a hood, is fleece lined and is shower proof so it’s perfect for cold weather.


The final thing to consider when layering is your accessories. Max is wearing a beanie in a lovely rust colour which really finishes off his outfit. The kids shoes are comfortable for our family walks and look great too. Add some thick, chunky socks underneath to keep little feet toasty this winter.

Thank you for reading.