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stay sane lockdown

*This is a guest article*

Ok, so 2020 is a year not many of us wish to repeat but – as the UK is enduring its third national lockdown – it’s hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Whilst staying at home can help to reduce the spread of coronavirus, it’s easy to feel isolated. Factors such as anxiety, a lack of social interactions and limited time spent outdoors, can all lead to mental health challenges. But you’re not alone.

Here we look at a few things you can do to keep sane during the lockdown (and afterwards):

1. Be active

Looking after our bodies can have a real impact on how we feel. Although you might not be overly keen on the idea of going for a run in the pouring rain, a brisk walk with your household or a home workout, 9 out of 10 times, you’ll feel better for doing it.

Aside from getting your daily steps in, you should try and eat a healthy, well-balanced diet too – and remember to drink plenty of water. Make sure you follow a routine and avoid smoking, drugs and drinking too much booze.

2. Zoom call your mates

Lockdown ruining your social life? We hear you. However, just because you can’t meet up face to face right now, it’s not to say that you can’t speak on the phone or video call your friends or family every day. And if you’re all missing the pub quiz, why not arrange your own at-home version via Zoom?

The truth is, keeping in touch with those you care about most is important during these unprecedented times. It’s good for your mental well-being and gives you something to look forward to.

3. Talk about your worries

We all have bad days, some more than others – granted. But bottling everything up inside and not saying anything to anyone isn’t the answer. Things are very strange for us all at the moment, and it’s normal to feel worried, scared or helpless. Don’t think you have to put a brave face on or fake a smile.

Sharing your concerns with those you trust can really help to reduce the burden and, in fact, it might help them too.

4. Take time to relax

From juggling work and the school-run to keeping fit, food shopping and staying on top of the usual household chores, there’s no denying that we all lead very busy schedules. And finding the time to kick back and relax is often easier said than done.

So, although we are unable to head to the high street for some much-needed retail therapy or eat-in fancy restaurants, why not make the most of the extra free-time? You could practice relaxation techniques to help overcome anxiety or have a bubble bath and pamper yourself.

5. Keep on doing what you enjoy

Whilst there’s a lot of uncertainty right now, carrying on doing things like you used to pre-lockdown will ensure some regularity. For example, if you usually go to the gym before you start work, you could squeeze in a workout at home while they are shut. Or if you normally read before bed, why stop that now?

As much as you should make an effort to continue doing what you love, and what comes naturally to you, it’s also worth starting a new hobby. This could be anything from taking up baking to doing jigsaws and learning new skills. Keeping yourself busy will help you to stay sane.

6. Quit old habits

Looking for something to do with the extra time you have on your hands? Of course, you could always concentrate on making a few simple changes to your lifestyle – like eating healthy, cutting down on your alcohol intake or giving up smoking.

Giving something up isn’t easy and it requires a lot of willpower. That’s why, many smokers opt to use e-cigarettes. Whilst these replicate the hand to mouth action that users are familiar with, they use e-liquids which contain less chemicals than regular cigarettes – making them a healthier alternative. You’ll find an assortment of e-liquids online at Cloudstix, including a vast range of candy, menthol, tobacco and dessert flavours from popular brands. So, if you’re wanting to improve your health during the lockdown, be sure to take a look today.

Thank you for reading.


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