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kitchen updates autumn

A full kitchen remodelling project can often run into thousands of pounds. It’s positively shocking! If a complete remodelling of your existing kitchen is not on the cards, then consider some well-chosen updates here and there to bring a modern feel. This way, it won’t break the bank and creates some fresh elements in your kitchen which are pleasing to the eye.

So, here are four simple kitchen updates to try this autumn.

1. Upgrade to Premium Cutting Boards

Quickly purchased plastic cutting boards are the worst. Almost as bad are cutting boards that are poor excuses for wooden varieties that split and break or warp badly within a few months of daily use. It becomes very frustrating to deal with.

Instead, a premium cutting board like one made from walnut wood or another suitable wood variety stands the test of time. They look solid, function well, and are stylish too. When taking care of them, it’s important to oil your cutting board. Without oiling it, any board will crack in time because of a lack of moisture in the wood that helps keep it flexible enough to prevent cracking under pressure. Take care of a good wooden cutting board and it will last for many years to come.

2. Redesigning the Look

It’s not necessary to change everything about a kitchen to completely redesign its appearance. Think of it a bit like putting together an ensemble from the clothes in your wardrobe based around common garments. You can change a jacket and look very different from before. Similarly, for unfussy kitchen cabinets and floor tiles with a plainer appearance, consider jazzing up the walls with an intricate pattern.

The idea is to create contrasts between the current appearance and how you can alter its appearance. A floral pattern on the walls or another design that appeals to you can freshen up the space to make it feel like new once again.

3. Wooden Shelving, Counter and Stools

For kitchens where there’s generally no easy access to plates, bowls, mugs, and cups, then add some wooden shelving along empty wall space. Especially with wall tiles that look pretty but don’t have much functional benefit, adding thick wooden shelving stops the cupboards feeling so cramped while adding a new visual element to unappealing walls.

When the kitchen is large enough, then some high wooden stools to perch on to rest weary legs while prepping some food is a new addition that can match the shelving too. The additions will blend nicely together and offset a plainer kitchen appearance. The stools are light to lift and can be moved to the side when not in use. Also, for older teenagers, a separate wooden counter ledge along a spare wall in the kitchen can act as an impromptu snack corner with the stools providing quick seating.

4. Replace the Countertops

One way to make a kitchen feel like new again is to replace older countertops that are chipped and marked with new material. Switching to an appealing countertop where you like the finish is going to add a personal aesthetic that wasn’t present before.

Granite worktops are a good one to consider as not only do they look great, but they are also tough, durable and easy to maintain.

However, if replacing the countertop is too much, then consider cleaning the existing countertop and then covering it with a new laminate sheet. This will provide a better surface to work from that feels like new because it is, even though the material below hasn’t been replaced.

Updating the kitchen is a process that you can tackle all at once or as small projects to deal with in stages. Avoid getting overwhelmed by taking it at your own pace.

Thank you for reading.

*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post*