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I thought I would share a little DIY project that I finished recently as I was so pleased with how it turned out. I had wanted some hanging planters for a while and loved the style of the IKEA Druvflader seagrass ones, just not the colour. So I decided to buy them anyway and play around with them to come up with something a little more my style.

So below is what the planters looked like before I started working on them. I really like the style but the colour was just too dark for our decor.

First, I started by painting the planters white. I just used a white emulsion that we had left over from decorating Max’s bedroom and it worked fine. I found that they needed two coats of paint to fully cover the dark seagrass.

I then used a Dulux paint in the colour Heart Wood which is a lovely warm neutral colour. Of course you can use whatever colours you like but I wanted to keep mine quite neutral as I wasn’t sure which room I wanted to put the planters in. I then used masking tape to mark out the areas that I wanted to add the Heart Wood paint to.

I had three planter and I decided to make them all slightly different. One has the colour at the bottom, one at the top and one has a stripe around the middle. I did think about doing some cool geometric patterns which might be an idea for my next project!

Make sure you wait until the paint is completely dry before removing the masking tape. You might find that you need to touch up some areas after you’ve removed the tape.

Et Voila! Here’s my finished planters. Let me know what you think.

Thank you for reading.

*In the interest of transparency, I was gifted the Dulux paint for an Instagram campaign but was not asked to write this post*