bathroom updates budget

Is your bathroom looking a little tired? Do you want to update it but don’t have the money for a completely new one right now? Don’t worry, there are lots of ways that you can easily freshen up your bathroom on a budget.

Here are six simple ideas that will give your bathroom a brand new lease of life…

Paint your walls and tiles

The most obvious way to update your bathroom is to give your walls a fresh coat of paint. Maybe go for a brand new colour, something a little bit different. You could also consider painting your tiles, or even your bath panel. There’s lots of good quality tile paints on the market these days and they can help to completely transform your bathroom.

Add a new mirror

Bathrooms are often small spaces so adding a large mirror will really help to make the room appear more spacious. Bathroom Luxuries sell a great range of products for your bathroom, including lots of bathroom mirror cabinet options which will make all the difference to your bathroom. Bathroom cabinets are a great idea as they mean that you can hide away anything you don’t want out on display.

Buy some new accessories

Why not add some new accessories to you bathroom? Maybe go for a completely new colour scheme with a new bath mat, shower curtain, toothbrush holder and towels?

Adding some house plants into your bathroom will also make a big difference. Be careful which plants you go for though as some do not like the moisture in a bathroom. Just do a little research, there are plenty of plants that will thrive in a bathroom, or alternatively why not opt for artificial plants.


Is your bathroom grout looking a little grey or even mouldy? It’s completely normal and happens over time, but it can make a bathroom look really tired. Regrouting might take you a few hours but clean, white grout will make a massive difference to your bathroom, you will be amazed. It will feel almost brand new again.

5. Add wallpaper

A bold, patterned wallpaper can look amazing in a bathroom, particularly in a small downstairs toilet. How about a bright tropical leaf print or a cool geometric patterned wallpaper? This is a guaranteed way to completely transform the look and feel of your bathroom or WC.

6. Paint your flooring

Believe it or not, you can actually paint your bathroom flooring! Whether you currently have wooden flooring, tiles or even vinyl flooring, it can be done. You might find that you need to sand wooden floors first, use a primer and it might take a couple of coats, but it really is worth the effort. Make sure you buy the correct paint for the job and you’ve got yourself a really cheap way to update your bathroom.

I hope that this post has given you a little inspiration and you’ll soon have your bathroom looking fresh again.

Thank you for reading.

*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post*