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tips grandparents

If you’re a new or expecting grandparent you’re sure to be really excited about being involved in your new grandchild’s life. While it’s great to be as hands on as you can be, it can be tricky to find the right balance and you must always remember that this is your grandchild and not your own child.

Here are a few tips for new or expecting grandparents…

Listen to the parents

First and foremost, no matter what your opinions are you must listen to the parents rules and follow through with them. Grandparents are supposed to be fun and get to spoil their grandchildren, yes. But it’s about finding that balance. It can be very frustrating for parents when they have made the effort to put rules and discipline in place, for it all to be ruined after an overnight stay with grandparents.

Stay active

You’ll soon be chasing around after your grandchild so it’s important that you keep as active and healthy as you can. Of course you shouldn’t push yourself too hard, but do try to stay as active as you can so that you can have lots of fun with your grandchild as they grow up.

However, if mobility is an issue for you, why not consider investing in an electric wheelchair? Pro Rider Mobility have lots of great options at competitive prices. This will mean that you can still get out and about with your grandchildren and be involved in their lives, there is no need for you to miss out due to mobility problems.

Offer to help 

Being a parent is tough and they will need all the help they can get, especially in those early days when they are incredibly overwhelmed and sleep deprived. Let the parents know that you are there to help them out whenever you can. Your support, and just knowing you are there if they need you will be incredibly helpful for them.

After all, there are lots of benefits to helping out with your grandchildren. AgeUK said that half of people asked said it kept them physically and mentally active and 14% admitted it stopped them from feeling lonely.

You can’t do it all 

Following on from my previous point, as much as you should offer to help when you can, you must remember that you can’t do it all and your health must always come first. As you’re getting older, you might find that you can’t do the things that you used to do when your own children were young. Be kind to yourself, and don’t push yourself too hard.

Don’t splash out

Try to go easy on the treats for your grandchildren, try not to spoil them too much. As I mentioned earlier, it’s about finding a balance. Sure, grandparents are there to be fun and treat their grandchildren, but just be mindful of not going too over the top. It can end up causing a rift between you and the child’s parents, and that is something that nobody wants.

Thank you for reading.

*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post*