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*Disclaimer – Paint was kindly gifted from Frenchic*

We decorated Evie’s bedroom a good few months ago now, but despite taking lots of photos of it, I completely forgot to pop them into a blog post. So here we are, finally! I’m so pleased with how it has turned out and particularly love the scalloped wall.

Frenchic very kindly gifted us the paint for this project, which is their chalk wall paint in the colour Ducky. I had never used their paint before we decorated the kids rooms but I was really pleasantly surprised by it. It goes on really well and needs no more than two coats. It also dries very quickly and hardly smells at all.

For the scalloped effect we simply drew around the top edge of a paper plate and then freehand painted. The paper plate worked really well as you can bend it into the corners of the room. I think it works really well, what do you think?

Evie’s new bed is the Nordli bed from IKEA, we went for this one as it has plenty of storage underneath. This bed is just a base, with no headboard so we bought this one separately from a website called Home Essentials. I’ve wanted a rattan headboard like this for the longest time, I just love the retro vibes they add to the room.

A few items in her room such as the bedside table, wardrobe, Expedit unit, toy storage and ice cream shelf were brought from our old house. I repainted the ice cream shelf to tie in better with the colours in her new bedroom.

I couldn’t not mention her bedding, which is from La Redoute. Isn’t it beautiful? Unfortunately I think this has now sold out, but you can search ‘Joan bedding’ incase it becomes available again. The letter E cushion is from The Bebe Hive. It was on the pricey side but it’s huge and amazing quality so definitely worth the splurge if you ask me.

What do you think to Evie’s new room? Leave a comment if there’s anything I’ve not mentioned that you would like to know about.

Thank you for reading.


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