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*This is a guest article*

Let’s be honest – kids can be somewhat notorious in their under-appreciation for how much sofas cost. Try as you might, sometimes it’s just tricky to get them to grasp the economic factors involved, and that means that your children might not always give the same respect to your furniture as you might perhaps like them to. 

What’s more, the sofa’s position as a natural gathering point for family members means that it can attract its fair share of mess. While coffee and red wine are two of the most frequent factors involved in adult messes on sofas, children tend to leave their own mark in some quite distinctive ways of their own. Here are three of the most common you might find yourself facing, and the best ways to deal with them!  

How to clean chocolate off your sofa

There’s nothing most kids like better than a sweet chocolatey treat (and really, who can blame them?). Unfortunately though, not every piece of chocolate always ends up where they should be – in a happy belly. Instead, they can become wedged down sofa cushions, sat upon, or simply forgotten about – sometimes all three. So when you find the second-most unwelcome brown mark on your sofa, here’s what to do:

  • Use a plastic spoon or blunt knife to scrape away as much of the excess chocolate as you can
  • Mix a tablespoon of dishwashing detergent with two cups of cold water
  • Sponge the solution into the chocolate stain with a clean white cloth, working from the outside into the centre
  • Use a dry cloth to blot it away, and repeat until the stain has gone

How to clean crayon marks from your sofa

We all love to help our children express their more artistic side. But really, only on the appropriate surfaces. Unless you’re one of those mythical ‘ultimate cool parents’, you probably don’t feel that swell of parental pride when you spot that your lovely sofa has been used as the blank canvas for your kid’s latest endeavour. Thankfully, it’s not too tricky to deal with. 

  • Use a spoon or a dull edge knife to scrape off excess crayon from your sofa
  • Spray the remaining mark with warm water (or dampen it any way you please) and apply liquid dish detergent to the stained area
  • Use a brush to work in the detergent, and then use a sponge to wipe away anything that’s left
  • If there’s still a noticeable mark, repeat the process until it’s gone
How to clean fruit juice stains from your sofa

Fruit juices might taste sweet, but when it comes to cleaning them off your sofa, they’re anything but. They pose an issue for much the same reason that red wine does – they’re acidic, and generally very deeply coloured. Those qualities can combine to create a highly conspicuous mark on your sofa that can be an absolute nightmare to shift. Don’t worry though – here are a few handy tips for getting it gone:

  • Mix a single tablespoon of white wine vinegar with 2/3 of a cup of rubbing alcohol
  • Using the cleanest white cloth you can find, sponge the stain with the vinegar and alcohol solution, and blot it as best you can
  • Doggedly repeat that last step until the stain is completely gone
  • Sponge the remaining patch with cold water, and blot it dry

All these methods have been tried-and-tested by parents just like you, so you can rely on them to produce great results! A quick word of advice though – there’s a great way to save yourself all this hassle in the first place. Just like sofa cushion covers, you can also get entire sofa covers from prestigious companies like Cover My Furniture

The principle is exactly the same – you can pick your favourite shade from an expansive range, depending on the style of your room, or just your own personal whim. (If you’d like, you can even choose several, and switch them up throughout the year to keep up with the changing seasons.) Then if it ever gets messy – a reasonably likely scenario – you can simply remove the entire cover and put it in the washing machine. When it’s out, you can just fit it straight back onto your sofa, leaving your the entire thing looking as pristine as the day you bought it. Food for thought!

Thank you for reading.


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