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improve kerb appeal

So, you’ve come home on a cold winter afternoon and for some reason you’ve started to notice how the grass in your garden needed a quick cut, how your door looks old and its ironmongery looks a bit rusty and uninviting, and you simply need to do something about it. It’s time to give the outside of your home a quick refresh!

1. Focus on the front door

Your front door will be the main thing visitors will see when they reach your home. Also, as an article on Real Homes puts it, “the front door makes a statement about your whole property” meaning that you should ensure that it’s welcoming and well maintained. You can choose to replace your old door with a brand-new one or to give it a fresh coat of paint – no matter what you’ll choose to do, I’m sure that this change will have a big impact on your home’s kerb appeal.

2. Accessorise with ironmongery

Rusty or dirty door fixtures are the last thing you’ll want on your fresh-looking door. You might simply need to give them a good clean to remove any debris and to make them look new again. If that doesn’t work and you wish that you had a different style of door hardware, why not do it?

Ironmongery is actually highly underrated but trust me when I tell you that changing these small details will give your front door the makeover it needs. An article on House Beautiful recognises the importance of this type of door hardware, mentioning that “the devil is in the detail when it comes to fittings”, so changing up your door ironmongery will be a “subtle yet effective way of updating the front of your door.”

Door hardware includes anything from door knockers and keyhole covers to letter plates and house numbers. If you are wondering how to choose the perfect ironmongery for your door, head over to Ironmongery Experts’ blog. They are an architectural ironmongery business who post articles every month on their blog about all things ironmongery, including “how to choose a letter plate” and one of my favourites “the advantages of black ironmongery.” (I’m completely in love with matte black door handles, but can you really judge me?)

3. Light the way

The last thing you want on a chilly dark winter night is to come home and to struggle to open the door because you can’t seem to find the keyhole. It’s so cold and you’re trying to dive into your purse to try to find your phone, so you can reach the only light available – the phone’s torch.

Whilst shivering and holding your phone with one hand and getting the keys inside the keyhole with your other hand, you start to question yourself why you haven’t installed an outdoor light yet. Honestly, why haven’t you?

Let’s not be judgemental here, you must have a good excuse. You just haven’t had time for it or maybe the light you did have isn’t working properly and you simply haven’t managed to fix it. Instead of pushing it back any further, ensure to take care of it the next time you have some time off.

4. Tidy up

Now that you’ve got some time off to take care of the outside of your house, don’t just fix or install outdoor lighting, also make sure to tidy your pathway. This means, cleaning the paving and removing any weeds that start to show up in between the cracks and tackling any overgrown vegetation.

5. Green is the new black

If your garden is looking a bit dull, maybe it’s time to add a few new bits of greenery. Or if it’s too cold to plant anything at the moment, why not plant some bulbs, so they start to show up during Spring?

What about you – do you have any tips or things you do to give your home a quick refresh?

Thank you for reading.

*This is a guest article*