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glass home

Glass is a material that has become increasingly popular in home decor over recent years. I’m not just talking about windows, doors and shower screen, I’m talking about glass walls, balustrades, artwork and even furniture. Glass is a great material to use around the home because it lets in light and really helps to open up a small space.

Here are a few ways that you can use glass around your home…

Glass panels

Glass panel walls have typically been used in office spaces but are becoming much more popular in homes, and it’s not hard to see why. Its stylish and minimal appearance makes it perfect for modern homes. Having glass walls gives the appearance of a bigger and brighter space as it allows lots of light to come in. And don’t be worried about privacy with glass panels because obscure glass can be used to ensure certain areas stay private such as bathrooms. Obscure glass is either frosted, patterned or sandblasted so you can choose a style to best suit your own space.

Glass artwork

Glass artwork is a great addition to a modern home. Think glass sculptures, wall art, vases etc. Try to think outside of the box a little and add something unique to your home. Stained glass is something that you might want to consider in order to add some colour into your space. Pinterest is a brilliant place to start if you’re looking for glass artwork ideas and inspiration.

Glass extension

If you are in the process of planning some sort of extension you might want to consider adding as much glass as possible. This will ensure that your new extension allows in lots of natural light and will look very modern and sleek. Glass walls, windows, ceilings and even roofs are possible these days. A glass roof in particular will make all the difference to your home and you needn’t worry about it being strong enough as advances in glazing technology now mean that glass is stronger than ever.

Glass balustrades

Glass balustrades are probably the most common use of glass in the home at the moment. You might install a glass balustrade on your staircase, outside on a decking area, a terrace or balcony. Glass balustrades work particularly well on a terrace or balcony as they do not obscure the view. If you are lucky enough to have a beautiful view to look out on to you certainly don’t want to ruin that with an unsightly metal or wood balustrade. Glass is the very best option here.

Glass furniture

Another way to introduce more glass into your home is to add glass furniture. Think glass cabinets, a glass desk, glass dining table or a glass coffee table. These are particularly good ideas if you are working with a small room as they give the appearance of more space and will not clutter up the room. There’s also no need to worry about safety with glass furniture if you have children as it is actually very strong and unlikely to break.

How do you use glass around your home?

Thank you for reading.

*Disclaimer – This is a collaborative post*