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Yep, you read that right! We have moved house again. Some might call us crazy…

We bought our last house back in April and we really felt we’d made a good decision for our family. It was a lovely house but there was something that just never felt right about it from the beginning. It didn’t feel like home, and we realised we wanted to be closer to school, family, local shops etc. It really bothered me that nothing was in walking distance and I had to drive everywhere.

The housing market has been crazy over the past few years and last year prices seemed to hit a bit of a peak, so we took the opportunity to put the house on the market and see what happened. Long story short, the house got A LOT of interest and offers and we made a really good profit. That was the easy bit, now we had to find a house to buy…

It had always been a bit of a dream of ours to buy a house on my mum and dad’s street. It’s such a lovely area and right around the corner from the kids school. But houses don’t come up very often on there and when they do, they are way out of our budget. Then one day when browsing RightMove for the millionth time, one popped up. It clearly needed loads doing to it, but we’d always wanted to renovate and this looked like a good opportunity…

Of course when we went to look around the house it was worse than we had expected, the photos always make it look better don’t they? We knew we’d be mad to go for it with our limited DIY skills but there was just something about it that felt right, so we put in an offer. Annoyingly after our offer was accepted we were told the property was a probate sale and it had only just been applied for. This did worry us as we’d heard horror stories about the probate process taking up to a year to go through! Luckily, it ended up being dealt with pretty quickly and it was actually our buyers who slowed the process down, but we’ll not get into that…

We eventually packed our life up and completed on 4th February, after 6 looong months of dealing with solicitors and estate agents. We spent a couple of nights in a hotel while we cleaned and got the new house livable. It need so much work doing to it, but we both agreed that it felt like home straight away, which is all we wanted.

We do have some money from the sale of the last house but we’re quickly learning that money doesn’t go very far at the moment. Everything is so expensive! So our budget is tight. In reality it will take us years to get it right, but this is our forever home so there’s no rush really.

The hope is that this year we can get most of the inside work done and dusted. Next year we’ll start thinking about the exterior – garden, driveway and getting the outside of the house painted. We want to extend at some point too, but if that happens it won’t be for a few years. Lots to do and lots to think about.

Tell you what though, I’m already sick of people telling us we’ve got out work cut out. Yeah, thanks for that we hadn’t noticed! Haha. Mostly people have been lovely though and said how nice the street is and how lucky we are to have got a house on here, which is exactly how we feel.

The previous owners lived here for a long time and we’ve been told by neighbours that they thought the world of the house. It’s clear the amount of work that once went into it but due to old age it had been neglected in recent years. It just needs some love and modernising and it will be back to being the beautiful house that it clearly once was.

I’m planning to write regular renovation updates here and of course a post when each room is completed. You can also follow me over on Instagram for regular updates.

Thank you for reading.


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