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During the winter, there’s not much you can do about the weather. It’s almost guaranteed to be cold and rainy unless you live somewhere near to the equator.

This can make it difficult for parents of young children, especially over the winter school break. As a parent, one of your main challenges is keeping your little ones occupied on a rainy day.

Unlike during summer, your children can’t play outside all day with their friends. So, you have to think of some indoor entertainment for your kids. Otherwise, you won’t get any peace!

Here are some top tips for keeping your children occupied on a rainy day.

Family Games

If you have a day off work, why not turn it into a family day? It will keep your kids entertained and it’s the perfect opportunity for some family bonding time.

Grab some board games from the cupboard and sit together in the living room for hours of family fun. The classics, such as Guess Who, Cluedo, and hungry Hippo can’t go a miss!

You can also play some of the classic family games, such as charades or solve the riddle. You can find riddles for your kids here.

Inspire some friendly competition in your children and create a prize to give to the winner at the end of your game’s session. The prize doesn’t have to be anything too complicated. Maybe the winner gets an extra portion of dessert or get to control what is on the TV that evening.

Sensory Toys

For younger children who are still in their early developmental stages, sensory toys are great. Not only do they provide entertainment on a rainy day but they can also aid in your children’s development.

Sensory toys are designed to promote explorative play. There are different kinds of sensory toys that you can get, each of which stimulates a different sense.

For example, some sensory toys have flashing lights to stimulate your child’s visual senses. Others have different textures that they can feel to activate their sense of touch.

Your kids will have hours of fun playing with their sensory toys and at the same time, they can develop their senses and motor skills.

Audio Storybooks

Audio storybooks are not the first thing that many parents think about for their children. However, audio can be a great way to occupy your children on a rainy day and you can download children’s storybooks on a tablet or desktop computer.

There are thousands of different stories to choose from, so you can rest assured knowing that your children will be entertained for hours. Let them choose their favorite stories and put them into a playlist, ready for the next rainy day.

You can also create a song playlist that your children can scroll through when they are bored. If possible, give them some child-friendly headphones so that you don’t need to hear the constant music throughout your home all day!

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