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Designer towel rails look amazing in any bathroom or toilet. They come in an array of styles to suit any bathroom or washroom so that your decor will be coherent and your towels stay toasty. Below are five great reasons to check out designer towel rails.

Designer towel rails have become a household essential that was once the preserve of the wealthy. However, these days, with the latest innovations in radiator design, heated towel rails are now available to everyone.

There are many distinct advantages to choosing designer towel rails for your bathroom. Let’s look at why you should choose a designer towel rail.

1. Consistent Décor

One of the great things about the designer types is how they look when it comes to towel rails. Radiators have long-standing notoriety for being unattractive domestic fixtures that can spoil an otherwise chic bathroom.

There is nothing as disappointing as meticulously honing your bathroom décor only to find it punctuated by a dated radiator.

Thankfully, there are bathroom rails that bring all of your bathroom furnishing fantasies to fruition. Say goodbye to attempting to smarten up an old radiator with a coat of paint or using dated radiator covers.

Designer radiators let you indulge in a consistent theme across your bathroom: an urban feel, effortlessly contemporary or retro chic.

Businesses throughout the United Kingdom provide a variety of sizes, shapes, finishes and colours, so there is a bathroom sign towel rail to suit any interior décor.

2. You won’t go broke

We bet that you never imagined seeing the term cheap designer towel rails pop up anywhere. Well, give it a second thought. Of course, when it comes to designer towel radiators, you might presume they cost a packet, and there are beautiful but affordable options out there.

However, good towel rails aren’t that costly despite what you may have. These days radiator companies can use a customised production approach, which delivers premium products at reasonable prices.

3. Environmentally friendly

It’s not just about style in choosing a heated towel rail for the bathroom. A towel rail that saves the planet and saves on bills is a big advantage. New designer heated towel radiators use the latest in radiator technology for the best performance that will save you money over the long term.

Designer rails have the added benefit of being manufactured in various shapes and from various materials. That variability means you have greater control over the surface to volume proportion that the radiator takes up in your bathroom.

By choosing the surface area of your radiator, you can work out how powerful it will be and how it will fit into the requirements of the modern bathroom.

4. Performance

A major benefit of stylish towel rails compared to more traditional systems like cast iron is that they take less time to heat up. Designer rails are not just reasonably priced, but they offer great performance.

As soon as you switch on a designer towel rail, you’ll find that it’s ready and warm in no time. Modern towel rails don’t take long because they are made of materials that are very conducive to heat, and they use the most innovative radiator technology.

So you can look forward to warm towels and a warm bathroom in no time. You’ll no longer have to wait for ages for the bathroom to be warm so you can have a shower.

5. Style

Every element in your bathroom is crucial in creating your dream atmosphere. Warm and welcoming, edgy or vivid – the bathroom reflects you. So whatever your own particular personal taste and style, you ought to be finding things that speak to you.

Designer towel rails make a definitive statement demonstrating your flair for all things cool. You can swap your dull bathroom radiator for a stylish unit, a statement item in décor.

So whether you choose a flamboyant coloured radiator or an attention-grabbing, cutting-edge style, a designer towel rail injects your signature style into the bathroom.

6. Safety

We’ve talked mostly about having a designer towel rail in your bathroom but don’t forget about the kitchen. You should consider a towel rail in the kitchen for many of the same reasons but there is an additional important reason to consider. Safety. Reusing a damp dish towel on your clean crockery, cutlery and glasses can inadvertently make your family ill. Damp dish clothes can be a breeding ground for bacteria. A heated towel rail gives you a place to hang these kitchen workshorses to dry out, thus reducing the potential for any nasties to take root.

When you’re renovating the bathroom, think about a designer towel rail. Remember that you’re investing for the very long term, and you’ll be stuck with what you choose. You may as well invest in a stylish towel rail that does its job heating the towels and the room.

Thank you for reading.


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