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personalised stickers

*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post*

Stickers are a great way to personalise your stuff, whether you’re a business or just fancy jazzing up your personal belongings. Many of the stickers you can buy these days are affordable, durable and will work on just about any surface. There are so may possibilities when it comes to using your stickers, and you can find 10 brilliant ideas below…

1. Personalise your devices

Add some fun and colour to your devices by customising them with cool stickers. You can really let your personality shine through with your sticker choices and make your devices completely unique to you.

If you are a business, using personalised stickers on laptops is a really easy way of advertising, so encourage your employees to do the same.

2. Send them out with orders

Why not send out freebie stickers with your brands logo on with each order? It’s a nice little touch that customer are sure to appreciate, and wherever your customer chooses to place the sticker, it’s free advertising for your business! Win, win!

3. Jazz up gift wrapping

Add something a little bit different to gift wrapping or gift bags with personalised stickers. If you are trying to be more eco friendly you could use brown paper to wrap the gift and then decorate with biodegradable paper stickers. Why not add washi tape and bows too and really get creative,

4. Use them on business packaging

You could use personalised stickers on packaging when sending out customer orders. This will help your packaging to stand out and gives a great first impression.

5. On notepads or diaries

Another simple way to add a personal touch. Again this could also work for businesses, add your company’s website and social media handles to your stickers so it’s easy for people to find out more about you.

I recently bought some stickers with my blog logo on from Sticker It, and I’m using them on notepads and devices. I went for a combination of biodegradable and holographic which look amazing! Sticker It have a vast range of sticker options available so I would highly recommend checking them out.

6. Stick them in windows

Stickers are available in many different materials, including vinyl which is great for use outdoors as it won’t disintegrate like a paper sticker would. Stickers like these are ideal for use on windows, simply as decoration or as yet another easy to way to advertise your products or services.

7. Never lose your suitcases

You know when you’re waiting for your suitcase at the airport but every suitcase looks the same and you can’t tell which one is yours? How about adding some funky stickers to your suitcase and then you’ll always be able to recognise it!

8. Bike, scooter or helmet

Personalise your bike, scooter or helmet with funky vinyl stickers. I know my children would love to accessories their scooters and helmets with some cool stickers.

9. Water bottles

Stickers are great for children’s school water bottles, so that they don’t get lost of mixed up with another child’s. Add their name and class details to the sticker and they will never lose a drinks bottle again!

10. On your car

This is probably one of the best way to advertise your business. Using stickers on your car that includes all of your businesses details is like having a moving billboard, without the cost! Just imagine the amount of potential customers you could reach in just one day.

Thank you for reading.