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shipping containers

*This is a sponsored article*

When we think of shipping containers we tend to think of them as purely for storage and transportation. They are big, metal and quite frankly ugly looking things, right? But there’s actually so many other uses for them and they are becoming more and more popular in many industries.

Below are six amazingly innovative ways to use shipping containers…

1. Office space

One of the most common uses for shipping containers is as office space. They are a great size and shape for desks and you can easily add windows to let in some natural light. And of course they are portable! So if you ever need to relocate your work space, this can easily be done.

2. Living space

Another popular use for shipping containers is as living space. This could be in your garden as a shed, garden office or maybe a summer house. They can be used as self contained living space, ideal for students. Or they can be added on to your current home, as an extension. The possibilities really are endless.

You can find out more about shipping container options and see what would suit your needs best at Gap Containers. They sell and hire out a range of different sizes and styles, as well as offering various shipping container accessories.

3. Bar or restaurant

Something that is becoming increasingly popular is using shipping containers as bars, restaurants and cafes. Where we live in Sheffield there are quite a few now and I have to admit they are really cool looking. One of the restaurant I have been to you would have absolutely no idea it was a shipping container when you’re sat inside, it’s very clever!

4. Retail space

Similarly, you could use a shipping container as retail space. This is ideal for small businesses, hairdressers or beauty salons. Boxpark in London is a great example of this, you can find out more about them here.

5. Classroom

Shipping container classrooms, what a great idea right? They are ideal for when a school needs additional space but may not have the funds to extend school property. This is a particularly good idea in poorer countries as they are so affordable, and there’s no construction time to consider either.

6. Toilets

This is something you may have seen already, shipping container toilet blocks! These are perfect for outdoor events such as festivals as they are completely portable yet far more pleasant to use than the small, cramped traditional porta loos.

Can you think of any other clever uses for shipping containers? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for reading.