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lockdown birthday

*This is a sponsored post*

At this point in the pandemic most of us will have experienced a lockdown birthday. It can feel like a real disappointment but it doesn’t have to be that way. There are plenty of ways to make it special at home. Earlier this month we celebrated Evie’s eighth birthday and she actually had such a lovely day. It’s Max’s birthday next week, his second in lockdown, so he’s a pro at it now! Read on to find out how we’ve been making lockdown birthdays fun.

1. Add a personalised touch

Personalised banners, cards, wrapping paper and gifts can really help make the birthday girl or boy feel extra special. Dom and Geri offer a wide range of personalised items that can be customised with your own photo and text. I particularly like their banners which are great for any occasion such as Easter, birthdays, Christmas, Halloween and more. Their personalised wrapping paper is also really cool and starts from just £3.99.

2. Zoom birthday parties

Zoom birthday parties for kids are a great idea, as there’s no cleaning up to do after! But seriously, virtual parties for children can be so much fun. Play games, sing happy birthday, enjoy party food, you could even get the kids to dress up in their favourite fancy dress costumes. And for grown ups what could be better than getting all dolled up and having a glass of wine and a chat with your friends?

3. Birthday cake!

Lockdown birthdays definitely don’t have to mean no cake! Make your own, pick one up while you’re doing your weekly supermarket shop or even order one online. There’s lots of places to buy celebration cakes online these days, or you could look for local cake makers and help support a small business in these difficult times.

4. Balloons galore

Whether it’s a child’s birthday or an adults, everyone loves balloons! They really help to make a birthday special. You could go for number balloons like the one pictured below, or maybe even a balloon arch! There’s some great options available online, some can be delivered to you ready to go, others you can blow up and construct yourself.

5. Party food

It wouldn’t be a birthday party without some yummy food, would it? You might go for a traditional birthday buffet (my personal favourite!), a takeaway or you could even order something like an afternoon tea. There are so many delicious possibilities.

6. Make plans

The most important thing to do during a lockdown birthday, especially for young children, is to make plans for when life gets back to normal. As resilient as kids can be, this strange time has been hard on them and they need fun things to look forward to. We’ve promised our kids cinema trips, theme parks and sleepovers as soon as restrictions allow and they can’t wait.

Have you had a lockdown birthday? What did you do to make it special?

Thank you for reading.


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