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*This is a sponsored article*

Many of us can face fertility problems when we try to get pregnant, which is why fertility trackers such as the Mira Analyzer are becoming increasingly popular. They help us to understand our fertile and non fertile days and the best times during our cycle to try to conceive. But fertility trackers aren’t just for those of us who are trying to start a family. They can be used as a natural form of contraception too, so you know which days you should avoid being intimate on. They can also help you to better understand your cycles, moods and general health, which is what I use mine for. I feel more in tune with my body now and understand my hormone fluctuations and the impact that has on me.

Mira Fertility Tracker

Mira was born out of the desire to help women better understand their own fertility and to help them reach their fertility goals. Mira understand that every woman and every cycle is unique and that our fertility level and hormones change each day. So they created an affordable, at home device to help us track our own personal hormone curve.

I was kindly sent the Mira fertility plus starter kit to try. The kit includes the Mira fertility analyzer, deluxe carry pouch, charging cable, user manual and instructions, 10 fertility wands and 10 urine cups.

“Mira is the first FDA and CE registered comprehensive women’s health monitoring platform with 99% accuracy in clinical trials. Mira shrinks lab equipment to a palm-sized device, bringing the accuracy of lab tests to the comfort of your home. The data automatically syncs with the Mira app. The AI learns personal health patterns. And above all, we empower you with the information you need to know exactly when you are fertile and infertile. Mira tracks cycles and predicts ovulation. Mira’s future tests monitor fetal health, measure ovarian reserve and detect menopause at home.”

How does it work?

The Mira fertility tracker works by measuring your quantitative Estrogen-Estradiol Metabolite (E3G) and Luteinizing Hormone (LH) levels. This allows you to get a larger fertile window of six days. Most other ovulation products on the market work by simply giving you a positive or negative result which doesn’t really help you to understand your body and patterns in your cycles, while Mira gives you exact numbers.

The Mira fertility tracker can double your chances of getting pregnant, help you learn how close you are to peri menopause, support you in battling hormone imbalance and infertility, diagnose menstrual problems and more. Sounds good, right?

My experience

When my Mira tracker arrived I found it very easy to set up and get started with. I downloaded the Mira app on to my phone and synced my Mira analyzer, which took just a matter of minutes. I then started using the fertility wands each morning, around the same time. The wands were easy to use with the urine cups included in the kit. You dip the wand into your urine for 10 seconds, and then insert it into the analyzer. It will take 15-20 minutes to get your results and the Mira analyzer will show a countdown on the display screen. After this time you will then be able to read your results on the analyzer and also in the Mira app.

In the app you will see your exact hormone levels and your fertility score for the day. You can also access your hormone curve, which will show how your hormone levels are changing throughout your cycle.


The app suggests you when you should test which is usually a few days after your period ends if your cycles are regular. So, you are not missing your most fertile days and ovulation. As you get towards ovulation you will see your hormone levels begin to rise. After using the Mira app for a while, it will learn your cycles and patterns. If your cycles are irregular, for example for those with PCOS, you may need to test more often especially in the beginning so that Mira can understand your hormone pattern.

I highly recommend the Mira tracker to anyone who wants to better understand their own fertility. Whether you are trying to conceive or not, I feel this is something every woman should own. The device and app are incredibly easy to use and understand, even for someone like me who has never used anything like this before.

The Mira fertility plus starter kit is priced at £179, and you can use code EMMA at checkout to get £25 off.

Thank you for reading.