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We’ve all heard of internships, but have you ever seriously considered applying for one? Finding a job isn’t always easy, especially in today’s job market. An internship can give you an edge over other applicants and make you stand out to prospective employers. Just having a degree is no longer enough, real world experience is the key to standing out from other candidates.

Let’s look at the benefits of internships in greater detail…

What is an internship?

So what actually is an internship and what can it offer? An internship is a bit more than just work experience, it’s an official program created by businesses designed to train graduates in their chosen career. An internship could be full time or part time and is usually for a set amount of time, often around 12 months. They can also be either paid or unpaid. Interns are usually studying for a degree or have recently graduated.

Internships have grown in popularity in recently years and now it seems most companies will offer some sort of internship program. This is because the benefits for both the business and individual are huge. The main positives for employers are as follows…

  • Reduced recruitment costs
  • Low cost labour
  • Reduced training costs
  • Support for existing employees
  • Learn new approaches from an intern
  • Positive publicity
1. Gain experience

The main benefit of an internship is to gain valuable work experience in your chosen career. This kind of hands on experience cannot be compared to what you have learned in a classroom environment. You’ll see what goes on day to day, as well as gaining skills that will help you to progress in your career such as professionalism, time keeping and multi tasking. You will be closely mentored throughout your internship, so you will get important feedback.

2. Build confidence

An internship can help you to gain more confidence, not only in your job but on a personal level too. You will gain experience of working with new colleagues in a team, attending meetings and dealing with clients. An internship is a great way to ease you into the world of work gently whilst building your confidence. Achieving goals during your internship will no doubt be a huge confidence boost.

3. Explore new cities

Obviously the main aim of an internship is to gain work experience, but there are some other unexpected perks such as travel. You may want to consider taking up an internship in a new city, or maybe even a new country. This is a great opportunity to make some amazing memories as well as gain some independence.

For example, journalism internships London can offer you hands on experience in media, whilst you get to immerse yourself in a wonderful, fast paced city. After all, what better place to build your journalism career than London?!

4. Improve your CV

Experience is incredibly important to prospective employers, so the experience you get from an internship will look great on your CV. You will be able to build on this and use it as a talking point in any interviews you are offered. Unfortunately, the reality is that without relevant experience your applications are likely to be overlooked.

5. Make contacts

During your internship, you will have the opportunity to make new contacts and network with professionals in the field. This could help you to progress in your career in the future. It could even be that making contacts during your internship leads you to a full time job offer.

6. Explore your chosen career

An internship allows you to really dive into your chosen career path and see what it’s like day to day. Hopefully you will discover that you love it, but there’s also a chance you’ll decide that it isn’t for you and you want to take a slightly different direction. And that’s OK. It’s incredibly important to be happy in your job so now is the time to make these big decisions and changes. Because nobody wants to be miserable in their career for the next 40 years, do they?

7. Earn money

Of course some internships are unpaid but many these days are well paid. So you can gain valuable work experience whilst earning money. Win, win! Not only that but being able to add this experience to your CV, could mean you are able to ask for a higher salary when applying for jobs.

So as you can see, internships have a lot to offer and are a great option for university leavers. Have you ever taken an internship? Do you feel your career benefited from it? I would love to know your thoughts.

Thank you for reading.


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