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We always want to make the birthday of a loved one memorable and it’s especially important to write suitable wishes on birthday cards. We always pick the right words with care and remember important moments from the life of a person who we congratulate on their birthday. On this day, you want to inspire and delight! A well selected card and an unusual gift will help to leave a pleasant impression. You can make an inspired and unique choice on Boomf.

Personalised Birthday Cards

You can choose personalised cards from Boomf created by a magnificent community of independent artists and creators. Spread love and make them smile with a personalised birthday card from Boomf. Surprisingly, you can find a birthday card for any taste, depending on the preferences of the recipient. Mom, dad, close friend, boyfriend, or anyone — anyone will receive a gift that will make them feel special on this day. Become a designer for a while and create your own greeting card! Choose a finished cover, fun photos of recipients, or one of the ready-made projects. You can choose your own postcard colour and fonts, and you can add confetti, flying butterflies, or a pop-up character to make it more fun.

Bomb Birthday Cards

Do you want to celebrate something special? Do you want to surprise them for their birthday? The Bomb card will not disappoint — it’s perfect for any birthday! You can fully customise your own 3D photo cube postcard with images of your choice. You can also choose confetti for your card. A Bomb card is folded and pops out in an explosion of confetti when the recipient opens it.

The Wild Card

Make your day unforgettable with a unique 3D character that pops out of a postcard, surprising them and bringing laughter and endless fun as it can be repeated over and over again! You can personalise the Wild Card with your own image, background colour, and message by selecting the cute Wild Card symbol at the end. Boomf wild cards are perfect for any age – children want to collect all pop-up characters, and so do many adults!

Cannon Birthday Cards

What else can you choose? A Cannon card! You can fully create your own confetti shooter card with images from your gallery. The Cannon card has a pull tab and, once activated, showers your recipient in colourful confetti. You can personalise the Cannon card with your photos or choose one of ready-made designs. Plus, you can add a message and choose the confetti that will surprise your recipient.

Let this birthday be the best! Create new moments with loved ones that will be nice to remember. Giving a special birthday card is a great tradition that can be repeated every year. I’m sure you definitely found the right one for your unique recipient. Share your successful experience of choosing a birthday card on Boomf!

Thank you for reading.


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