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As the Covid pandemic begins to show signs of decline, the world is beginning to create a new normal. Multiple vaccinations, masks and a plentiful supply of hand-sanitiser are going to be with us for a while, but work from home employees are beginning to return to the office. For some this means that they are buying a car rather than face a crowded commute in public transport. And a good deal of those car shoppers are looking into the used car market. Let us take a look at why second hand cars are so popular.


Driving your own vehicle gives you much greater freedoms. You can choose when to leave the house, you can leave in your own time – perhaps staying later to catch up on some paperwork, for example, without fretting about missing the last bus or train home. But the biggest advantage at the moment is that you can control your transport environment. We have all seen the naysayers who refuse the vaccine, won’t wear a mask, and insist that Covid-19 is ‘just a cold’… And sadly, some of these people regularly use public transport, inflicting their potentially harmful presence on those who are more wary about catching the virus. One place they are guaranteed not to be is in your own car!

If purchasing a new vehicle isn’t an option for you right now, you might want to consider Warrington Car Hire at PSD Car & Van Hire. They have a comprehensive range of vehicles available to hire at their town centre located office.

More Choice in Budget

Opting for a second-hand vehicle is great for people who have a limited budget as it allows them to consider more stylish models than they would be able to afford, if buying a new car. As well as a higher-end range, there is also more choice in being able to pick between four or five years’ worth of models, while new models tend to be the current season’s models and perhaps the previous season – a reduced range that will almost certainly be more expensive at the purchase point.

Cheaper Over Time

The benefits of buying second-hand continue to arrive. Because of the lower purchase price, your insurance will be lower – the policies are usually fixed using the retail price of the car – various taxes will be lower, and, often, repairs are cheaper too, as they are more readily available than very modern cars. You can even soften the financial burden of that purchase price by spreading it over a few years: you can buy used cars with easy instalment plans offered by KAP Motors Brighton Centre, and maintain your financial fluidity while you pay it off. Increasing costs are something that affect all but the very richest of us, and saving pounds in every possible way is only sensible, especially at this still uncertain time.

As well as the above reasons, all of which are very worthy reasons to buy a second-hand car, you can also reassure yourself that you are doing your bit against climate change. The longer that existing cars are kept in good working order, the lower the demand for resource-heavy new cars will be. Which is, of course, another plus!

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