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Are you feeling frustrated, underappreciated, and unfulfilled? Do you feel as though you have slowly lost control of your life over recent years and seem to be sleepwalking through your days? If so, then this is the article for you. We’re going to share a guide to taking back control of your life and making 2022 all about you.

1. Learn how to say no

The first and most important step of taking back control is learning how to say no. Of course, sometimes in life we will be faced with situations where we have to do things we don’t particularly want to do. However, this shouldn’t be an everyday occurrence. You shouldn’t feel obligated to go out of your way and against your own interest just to please other people, all of the time.

2. Accept that it’s OK to go against what is conventional

Stop worrying about what other people think and live your life the way you want to. It’s perfectly acceptable to go against what most people believe to be conventional. If you put off pursuing all of the things that interest you, just because other people think it’s “weird”, you are going to be miserable. So write your poetry, make your own candles, and do whatever on earth it is that makes you happy – just as long as it doesn’t hurt or negatively impact other people, of course.

3. Treat yourself as you would a guest in your home

It’s important to treat other people with respect, particularly when they are a guest in your home. But, why then do many of us treat ourselves so poorly? Another crucial step in taking back control of your life and feeling good about yourself is to start treating yourself with the respect that you deserve. If you are good to other people (which you definitely should be), then learn to treat yourself with the same grace.

4. Learn to try new things

Variety is the spice of life and as clichéd as that might sound it’s the honest truth. If you never try new things your life will remain stagnant and you’ll never grow. It’s time to push those boundaries and start exploring new flavours, sights and sounds! You never know what you might just discover about yourself.

5. Wholeheartedly embrace life’s lessons

Whether your life has been a series of mistakes or misfortune, rather than take only the bad you should wholeheartedly embrace what life is trying to teach you. Some say that “everything happens for a reason”, which is not entirely true. The reality is, often things just happen and sometimes they suck. The trick is to try and learn something from those situations.

6. Value your “me” time

You must learn to not only enjoy spending time by yourself, but to make as much time for you as possible. Your “me” time is valuable and can be used to develop yourself in a great number of ways. You need to take the time to relax and gather your thoughts. Meditate and let your worries dissipate. Give yourself some TLC! Buy vibrators online and indulge in some solo play. An orgasm a day is good for the mind, body and the soul – so consider it a daily dose of medicine.

You should also remember that your “me” time can and should include some exercise. Be kinder to your body and you’ll find loving yourself much easier. If self-esteem is something that you have been struggling with then a balanced diet and some regular exercise is key in the process of taking back control.

Finally, you should try to cut out all of the negativity from your life. Those relationships that take more than they give should be reconsidered. You need people to uplift you not drain you.

Thank you for reading.


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