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*This is a guest article*

This holiday season there are a lot of goodies out there online waiting to for you to just call them your own. Sure, you should think about getting gifts for others, but why not for yourself too?

Here are a few gift ideas to you and from yourself this holiday season:

A luxury handbag

An ultra-luxe bag is something special to treat yourself with, something that you maybe wouldn’t buy during the rest of the year. But as we are around the holidays and if you would love to have a new handbag, now is the time to shop for one! A lot of brands will be having great sales: Mirta for example, an online site of artisan Italian bags, will be having a designer bags Black Friday sale very soon. Insider tip: make sure when choosing your bag that you check carefully the measurements.

Skincare products from La Mer

Why not add an extra touch of luxury to your skincare? Skincare products from La Mer are an extra treat, both an experience to use and incredible for your skin. The Crème de la Mer is a cult favourite, as well as many of the brand’s other products. They are the perfect adds to an at-home spa night.

Makeup palettes from MAC

Makeup palettes will change how you do your makeup, and the ones from Mac are of great quality. Mac makeup looks, wears, and stays on beautifully, so they are a wonderful add to your collection. A couple palettes available this year are: Rocket to Fame Eye Shadow x 12 Palette, Art Library: Nude Model, Art Library: Flame-Boyant, Eye Shadow x 9: Solar Glow Times Nine, and more.

Dyptique candle

A Dyptique candle smells wonderful and is also aesthetically beautiful. There are the Baies candles, a best-seller, Fue de Bois, and many other classic scents. Once your candle burns out, you can also incorporate them into your décor for your place! This trendy candle is well-loved for good reason and makes for a great gift, both for others and for yourself.

Weighted blanket

For a cosy touch to your home, get yourself a weighted blanket. It is well-loved from people all around the world, as it can help to reduce stress and ‘feels like a hug’. When you want to cozy up especially in the fall and winter seasons around the holidays, you’ll be happy to have a weighted blanket to curl up on the couch with.

These pieces are something not only affordable, but something truly special you can treat yourself to. It is also a time of the year when a lot of sales are going on, which can make many of these items more affordable and more possible for many people.

Thank you for reading.