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INEOS sanitiser

*This is a paid partnership with INEOS Hyienics*

Back to school is very different for us all this year, with a strong focus on social distancing and hygiene. We’re all finding our way in this new normal, and looking for ways to keep our families safe. I’m working with INEOS Hygienics to share with you their hand sanitiser range and tell you how we’ve been using their products during this back to school period.

INEOS Hygienics is a world class producer of specialist chemicals whose goal is to make products that society needs. When the coronavirus pandemic led to a global shortage of hand sanitiser, they began manufacturing and distributing in large volumes in order to meet the shortfall. Their sanitiser products kill 99.9% of germs and are hospital grade, used by the NHS to fight Covid-19.

“INEOS Hygienics Sanitiser products are hospital grade and trusted by doctors, they are made from high purity pharma grade alcohol and are specially formulated to the highest standards for being effective against 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. Our hand and surface sanitisers are designed to give you the confidence to get back to the new normal, whether that’s at home, at work or on the go.”

I, like many other parents have been very nervous about the children going back to school this year. When I’m not with them to ensure that they are washing their hands and keeping a safe distance from others, will they risk being exposed to the virus? INEOS Hygienics kindly sent us their hand sanitiser range to try out now that the kids are back in school. Although the products are designed to be tough on germs and viruses, they are kind to skin which is important for sensitive little hands. This is particularly important to us as both children have sensitive skin and Max suffers with eczema, something I’ve found can be irritated with all of the hand washing and sanitiser products.

We have been using the full sized hand sanitiser gel at home whenever we leave the house and as soon as we get back. I pop it by the front door so that we can clean our hands before we touch anything in the house. This gives me the confidence to enjoy getting out and about once again.

The travel sized hand sanitiser is the perfect size for the children’s school bags, I always send them both with hand sanitiser so I know they can easily keep their hands clean when I’m not there with them. We have also been using the spray sanitiser for hands which is great for on the go, it’s quick and easy to apply which makes it ideal for kids. This is also available as a surface spray which would be great for quickly cleaning restaurant tables or playground equipment.

We’re really impressed with the INEOS Hygienics sanitiser range, I feel confident that the products are keeping our hands clean whilst being kind to our skin at the same time. It’s been a nervous time for us but knowing that the kids can keep their hands sanitised at school has given us all so much confidence. Now we’re able to actually enjoy having our routine back and it’s great seeing the kids so happy to be back in school.

INEOS Hygienics sanitiser products are available to purchase online at Amazon.

Use sanitisers carefully. Always read the label and product information before use.

Thank you for reading.

*Disclaimer – This is a paid post*

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