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Gifting in-laws can be really intimidating; especially if you are a newlywed. And, mother-in-laws are popularly stereotyped, which makes gifting even more stressful. But it doesn’t have to be so. With the right ideas at your hand, you can make your mother-in-law smile in no time!

Birthdays are special to everyone. You might want to develop a wonderful relationship with your mother-in-law or you already might have one. Surprising her on her birthday is a good way to begin the relationship on a positive note and if you already have a good relationship with her; this will only enhance it further!

Here are a few ideas to surprise your mother-in-law on her birthday and eradicate all the discomfort and the uneasy air between you two!

A] Create a birthday video gift

Throwing a party and inviting over people might not always be feasible due to everyone’s tight schedules. This is where a birthday video gift can help. You can reach out to near and dear ones from every corner of the world and ask them to film videos wishing your mother-in-law. Tell them to talk about fun memories and appreciate the positives of your mother-in-law. This heart-warming gift will definitely fill her with happy tears.

B] Take her to visit her favourite place

Ask your husband and close relatives if there is a place your mother-in-law always wanted to go to. You could choose just one place or take her around local places she likes. Get your car, put on her favourite playlist and take her on a road trip to the nearest beach, eat at her favourite café and spend a fun-filled day with her getting to know each other. She will absolutely love your effort!

C] A small sweet celebration

You don’t really have to go elaborate if you are unsure of what she likes. Mothers can be happy with the simplest of things. A bunch of flowers with a cake of her favourite flavour will be good enough to make her happy! You can also write a heartfelt letter to her and since it will be a very personal gift, it will probably help you connect better.

D] Throw her a surprise party

You might need your partner’s help in this. Ask your partner about the people your mother-in-law is close to and invite them over for a surprise party! Every mother adores having her near and dear ones under one roof; and this on her birthday will get her the joy of her life! You can go for a theme party based on her favourite movie and ask everyone to dress up retro and show up!

E] Pamper her through the day

Most elder women get caught up in chores throughout their life and forget to relax. On her birthday; keep your mother-in-law off chores. Get her breakfast in bed, which consists of food she prefers, and send her on a makeover session. This could include massage, spa, manicure, pedicure and so on! Let her reminisce on her youthful days!

F] Send her on a trip

With the long years of marriage and motherhood, your mother-in-law must be missing being free. This is your opportunity to get her something she craved- some solidarity! Book her a flight to a place she fancies, plan her itinerary, and let her have the time of her life! She will cherish the memory for life. Make all the arrangements that will adhere to her needs. If you are worried about her traveling alone; you can send her with her best friends!

G] Gift her thoughtfully

You can always ask your mother-in-law what she wants for her birthday but additional to that get her thoughtful gifts. Choose a gift that reflects your relationship or is indicative of a memory you bonded over. You can get her subscriptions, if she is into Crochet works; you can get her a set, you can get her soft blankets, home slippers, eye masks, jewelry pieces and so on! A gift that coincides with her interests will make her feel you are really paying attention.

You might have to look hard, connect with her old friends and close relatives and figure out what she loves. If she was interested in dances in the past; you can take her to a dance show or a club, if she loves wildlife safaris, you can take her on one; if she is a nature lover, you can plan a trail through the waterfalls and hills; if she likes theatre, you can take her to the movies; if she loves adventure, you can pursue adrenaline rushing activities with her and if she likes staying in and relaxing, you can do that too!

Do your best to dig deep and try to fulfil all her unmet dreams. Celebrate her birthday in a way she never thought it could be celebrated. This will only bring you closer and stun your mother-in-law. You don’t really have to spend a dime. With some creativity and planning, you can show your mother-in-law just how much you appreciate her and make her day special!

Thank you for reading.


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