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When you embark on your search to find the perfect vacuum cleaner, you want to pay particular attention to what it costs, its watt capacity, the shape and type, how strong the suction power is, how large the dust canister is (as this will affect how often it needs to be emptied), what the unit offer in terms of air filtration (if any) and what additional tools come with the unit.

I need more help – this is too vague

When you walk into that Dyson vacuum sale ready for business, here are a few extra pointers to help you along your way.
Consider a convertible cordless stick vacuum if your home is small to medium size. It is helpful for smaller spaces and quickly takes care of any emergency cleanups. A cheaper one might not give you the same suction strength as something that costs more. The more you pay, the more cleaning attachments the unit will likely have and the stronger the motor is expected to be.

You could also choose an upright but corded vacuum cleaner to fulfil most of your cleaning needs in the home. The prices on the units can differ quite substantially, but as a range, this is a good option, as you can largely get powerful machines at a very competitive price. Some people prefer canister vacuums, which are also excellent and affordable but can be more clunky and awkward to work with.

If you are likely to need spot cleaning, why not consider a cordless handheld? And if you really can’t be bothered, you could always get a robot vacuum.

The bottom line is when you hit that Dyson sale, you will be faced with hundreds of options – make your choice based on what your home and lifestyle dictate.

I’d like to give Dyson a bash – what is the best model?

The size of your home and the type of flooring it has will largely dictate the best model for you. And note – I say this for you because there is, unfortunately, no such thing as “the best ” universal judgment on vacuum cleaners. Let’s consider a few options and see which of the many Dysons available on the market will be best for you.

What Dyson sales in Australia have shown

Back to stick vacs – the most popular category. The cordless models have shown great popularity in this market over the past few years. And it’s no wonder – they are light, compact, don’t take up much storage space, and some even convert to a handheld for quick spot cleanups. If you put in a bit of extra money to get a good model, a Dyson stick vac could be more than enough for your needs.

What are some good models to look out for?

In the stick vac category, the V11 comes up top. If you are lucky enough to find an older model at a discounted price, you will do well with anything from V6 to V8, and you would also do well investing in a V10. Prices on Dysons can vary by hundreds of dollars, and buying more than you need could end up unnecessarily costing you a lot. Stick to buying for your needs.

What makes Dyson so good?

Dyson specializes in excellent small motors, and their aptitude in this area is almost unmatched. There have been decades of research dedicated to developing these motors and applying them in vacuum cleaners of various shapes and sizes.

No good product goes without competition! With the rise of Dyson, many other brands challenged themselves to match or better it. You might find something better or cheaper from a competitor brand. Best of all, these are not no-name brands with no credibility – you can enjoy all the benefits of a well-known brand without compromising on quality.

How long can I expect my vacuum to last?

You get what you pay for. If you invest in a high-quality machine, you might find that it lasts longer than the cheapie you purchased some time to help you out. How you use the device – in other words, whether you use it according to the manufacturer’s instructions or not – will also impact its lifespan.

Remember that battery-operated cordless machines tend to have a different life expectancy than corded units, as batteries are notorious for having their own mind. As such, the cordless models also have a slight variation on the standard warranty – make sure you know the difference before buying!

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