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If you have run out of ideas and are looking for original and special gifts to gift your mum or a new mum, don’t miss our selection of ideas for all types of gifts for mothers.

Mums will always appreciate the most classic gifts such as a bouquet of flowers, organizing a nice family meal and even preparing crafts created by the little ones in the house or printing the photos they like the most or creating a personalized album.

If you are looking for an original gift for a mum, we have a selection of ideas that will surely fit in with her. There are gifts for mothers of all tastes and for all kinds of budgets, from the smallest to the largest.

A necklace for mom

A beautiful necklace with the word mom and a heart can be great. A detail that you can wear in your day to day by combining it with other pendants that you already use and that will remind you or your sons or daughters.

Skin care

Another preferred gift for mums is a special box that includes a beauty gift from the best. Such boxes can include medical cosmetics or vitamin treatments or deep hydration for the skin. Is there anything more special than taking care of the health and beauty of your mother’s skin? Vitamin treatments will provide the luminosity and shine that we so desire in the skin, and deep hydration treatments will not only make the face look better, but will also hide or minimize the passage of time and unsightly wrinkles.

A jewel for life

Surprise the mum with a unique jewel. Pick a very special design of earrings that will accompany her forever. For example 18k yellow gold earrings, faceted chalcedony knobs with gold nasturtium and diamonds, pink coral button and tanzanite cabochon are great choices. If you are looking for a jewel, perhaps different or with a different budget, there are many options for you, the most important part is the gesture.

A mother-daughter experience

Surprise your mother with a very special workshop or trip. For example there are different possibilities for those who want to learn to paint plates, model, etc. One of the funniest and that will only take up one afternoon is the painting a pizza plate workshop. Surely your mother values ​​the originality of the idea, the time with you and then taking that gift painted by herself. Or visiting a unique destination your mum always wanted to see.

Solar protection

A solar protection pack can contain protective dry oil and refreshing aftersun emulsion. Perfect to prepare the skin of mothers for summer. The oil may have high sun protection (SPF50) to protect high-risk or sun-sensitive skin. It acts as a specialized antioxidant and is recommended for sun-sensitive skin. In addition, it reduces the appearance of sun-induced spots, is anti-irritant, antioxidant and also serves as a hair protector.

Hopefully these ideas sparked some inspiration in you to make the best possible present for your mother, wife or friend mum, she deserves it.

Thank you for reading.


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