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three litres water adult acne

I have struggled with my skin for years now. I never had bad skin as a teenager, when you’re actually supposed to have acne. No, mine started after I had my second child and has gotten worse ever since. It’s oily and acne prone and I feel like I’ve tried pretty much everything to combat it but nothing seems to work, at least not for long. So, I decided to give the three litre water challenge a go.

One thing I’ve never been good at is drinking water. So after seeing a lot of people talking about the three litre water challenge and the difference it has made to their skin I thought I would give it a go. I had nothing to lose. If it didn’t do much for my skin at least my body would appreciate me drinking more water!

The three litre water challenge is exactly that  – you drink three litres of water every single day for 30 days. Now, I was so bad at drinking water before I started this challenge. Like, really bad. I would drink one, maybe two glasses of water a day. Sometimes none at all. My liquid intake basically came from tea alone. So this was going to be a huge change for me.

The first week or so was the hardest in terms of remembering to drink. I didn’t have a water bottle so was drinking seven glasses of water each day, which came to just shy of three litres. As you can imagine, I was weeing all the time to begin with – every 20/30 minutes I would say. So if I was leaving the house I needed to know there was a toilet where I was going, or I needed to be quick!

After about a week your body starts to get used to the increase in water and you don’t need to wee quite as often, but still pretty regularly!


Here’s what my skin looked like just before I started the challenge. I had just washed my face so you can’t see the oiliness but you can see the acne around my chin which is my problem area. In all honestly, this isn’t it at its worst either, my skin was actually just starting to calm down after a really angry, painful breakout.

After just two or three days my skin already felt so much softer and more hydrated. I hadn’t expected to see a difference so soon so I was over the moon. My skin just looked healthier and it definitely spurred me on to keep up with the challenge.


When the month was over my skin definitely looked better. Drinking water hasn’t been a miracle cure and I’ve still had breakouts but there certainly is an improvement.

Obviously there must be an underlying cause of my oily skin and acne, that I am yet to discover. So in reality simply drinking loads of water was never going to completely get rid of my spots. But it has helped, that’s for sure. My skin doesn’t look as angry and when I do get a spot it generally clears up quicker than it used to.

A lot of the marks that you can see on my face here aren’t active spots but scars from the past few months. What do you think? Does my skin look any better?


Aside from improving my skin, of course there have been other benefits to drinking this much water. The main one is that I haven’t felt as hungry. I guess drinking lots of water does make you feel full and you’re less likely to eat when you don’t need to. Another benefit is that I’ve cut down on caffeine, not intentionally but simply because I don’t feel the need to drink anything else when I’m already drinking so much water.

Will I carry on drinking this amount of water? It’s now a couple of weeks since the end of the challenge and I have carried on with it to a certain extent. I’m not quite drinking three litres now, more like two but still a massive improvement on what I was drinking a couple of months ago.

All in all if you’re having problems with your skin I would definitely recommend giving this challenge a try. It probably won’t completely cure your acne, but it will help. And even if it doesn’t, your body will thank you for staying hydrated.

Have you ever done this challenge? Did you notice any changes in your skin?

Thank you for reading.



  1. Sian
    May 2, 2018 / 11:25 am

    Since starting my new job I have been averaging 2.5-3L in my 5hr shift. I go to slimming world and used to struggle with huge gains on weeks when I had only fallen off the wagon a little and it always felt so unfair. Since I’ve been keeping up my water intake, “bad” weeks usually only affect me by 1lb max, and I’m having far more consistent and healthy losses. My skin feels amazing, I rarely get spots, the headaches are gone, and I feel more awake more of the time! It’s amazing how simple a solution it is!

    • Emma
      May 4, 2018 / 2:20 pm

      It really is such a simple solution yet something that so many of us seem to struggle with x