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Christmas 2019

It might only be the 4th of January but Christmas already feels like it was months ago, don’t you think? So I thought I better get on and write my Christmas gifts post, something that I have done for the past couple of years and always seems to go down well with you guys. I mean, who doesn’t love seeing what other people got for Christmas? I know I do!

A quick disclaimer – this isn’t everything that I received, just some favourites. So if any family or friends are reading this and are wondering why I haven’t mentioned your gift, it’s just because I can’t possibly mention everything but your gift is still very much liked and appreciated.

This years main gifts were jewellery. I’m a bit obsessed with necklaces and earrings at the moment so that’s what I asked for. My husband got me some beautiful earrings and a necklace from Missoma, which has to be my favourite jewellery brand at the moment, I absolutely love them.

I also got some earrings from Orelia, another of my favourite jewellery brands and my sister got me some earrings from Astrid & Miyu, a brand that I’d been eyeing up but hadn’t yet bought anything from. Their earrings are beautiful, so dainty and pretty. I can’t wait to wear them when my new piercings have healed properly.

Even at the age of 32 my mum still spoils me at Christmas, and I secretly love it. She bought me some lovely presents this year including a pair of boots and a bag from M&S. I also got a cute letter E bag charm to go with the bag.

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a new pair of pyjamas, would it? My mum bought me a cute dog print pair from Next. I love nothing more than having a Lush bath and getting into brand new pyjamas at the end of Christmas Day. Honestly if nobody bought me pyjamas for Christmas I would be devastated!

Speaking of Lush baths, I got a couple of Lush gift sets for Christmas so I am well and truly stocked up now, probably until next Christmas, haha!

My husband also got me some white high top Converse which will be without doubt my most used Christmas present this year. If you know me in real life, or follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I basically live in Converse and I’ve wanted some new white ones to replace my battered old ones for ages.

The husband also got me this cute bobble hat from Oliver Bonas. I love a bobble hat. Although as I’m sat here typing this I have just noticed that I’ve worn it out of the house today with the tags still attached! I just hope nobody noticed…

I got a couple of candles for Christmas too. This one is Evening Bonfire from WoodWick. These are the ones that crackle as they burn, it’s really relaxing.

The final thing that I want to mention is this Elton John book. Now technically my husband got this for Christmas, not me. But I will totally be reading it, probably before he gets round to it to be honest. Ever since we watched the film Rocketman, we’ve been Elton John obsessed. Have you seen it yet? If not, I highly recommend it. It’s absolutely brilliant. I never even knew that I liked Elton John, now I’m his biggest fan!

What did you get for Christmas this year?

Thank you for reading.



    • Emma
      January 8, 2020 / 12:04 pm

      Gorgeous aren’t they! 🙂