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Disneyland Paris

Saturday was our last full day at Disneyland so we packed in as much as we possibly could!

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Our day started the very best way – meeting Mickey Mouse!

Followed by Snow White…

Then Peter Pan…

and finally Jessie!

It was certainly a good day for meet and greets!

The highlight of the day for us all I think was the Frozen Sing-Along. Max is a huge Frozen fan so he was in his element and it was really lovely to see him so enthralled by it. I actually filmed the day and our video includes a part from the Frozen Sing-Along which you can watch here…

The only thing I would say about our day was that the park was very busy. We hadn’t considered the fact that it was a Saturday and the park would of course be busier at weekends. We tried to get lunch at about 2pm and it was a bit of a nightmare, there were no tables available in the restaurants and the queues in the cafes on Main Street were huge. The kids were starving and we ended up having to eat outside in the cold. With this in mind, if we went to Disneyland again I wouldn’t go over a weekend, I would definitely stick to Monday – Friday.

Here’s a few photos from Saturday…

On Sunday our flight wasn’t until the evening so we managed to squeeze in a few hours at the park before we headed home. We went on all of our favourite rides one last time – Pirates of the Caribbean, It’s a Small World, Phantom Manor (my personal favourite!) and Peter Pan’s Flight.

We also managed to squeeze in a meet and greet with Darth Vader, which the kids really enjoyed! I thought they might be a bit scared of him but nope, they loved it.

Here’s a few photos from Sunday…

Thank you for reading.