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Christmas Eve Box

Christmas Eve Boxes have become super popular over the past few years and it’s a tradition that we absolutely love. If you don’t know what a Christmas Eve box is, it’s basically a box full of lovely things to do on Christmas Eve, to get you into the Christmas spirit!

So if you’d like to see what we put in our Christmas Eve Box you can watch our video below or scroll down to read the post…

Christmas colouring

I like to put some sort of Christmas craft or activity in the box as it gives the kids something to do on Christmas Eve. It can be quite a long day with all the excitement and counting down the hours until bedtime, so something to pass the time is a good idea. I bought this christmas colouring set from The Works for just £1.


Pyjamas are an absolute essential in any Christmas Eve Box, because is it even Christmas if you don’t have new Pj’s?! Max’s pyjamas are from Boden but are unfortunately sold out at the moment. Evie’s were £14 from M&S.


My kids are obsessed with slippers at the moment for some reason. They did already have a pair each but unfortunately the puppy chewed them, so we thought we would treat them to some nice new ones for Christmas.

These were both from Primark and were just £3 each.

Bath bomb

I am a huge Lush bath bomb fan and it seems to have rubbed off on the kids as they are always asking for bath bombs! Of course I had to get them a christmassy one so I went for the Snowman bubbleroon

Hot chocolate

We like to cosy up and watch a film with a hot chocolate on Christmas Eve. I know a lot of people put a Christmas DVD in their box but we don’t tend to bother with DVD’s, we will just watch what’s on TV or on Netflix.

These cute snowman hot chocolates were £5 each from Sainsbury’s and I think they kids will absolutely love them.

Christmas book

Another Christmas Eve Box essential… a festive book to read at bedtime. We have a few Christmas books from previous years that we’ve already started reading in the run up to Christmas. But it’s always nice to have a brand new one to read together before bed on Christmas Eve.

This one was just £4.95 from Joules and is beautifully illustrated.

Reindeer food and magic key

If you don’t have a fireplace for Santa to come down, then get a magic key to avoid the kids quizzing you about how on earth Santa gets in the house! We got ours from eBay a couple of years ago and was only a couple of pounds.

As well as leaving out Santa’s magic key, a mince pie, carrot and a drink, we also like to sprinkle some reindeer food on the garden before bed. It’s something that the kids really look forward to doing. I expect the dog will just eat it when they’ve gone to bed, haha! But as long as the kids think that the reindeers ate it, that’s all that matters. Reindeer food also from eBay.

Do you do a Christmas Eve Box for your children? What do you put in it? I would love to know.

Thank you for reading.