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London Part 2 | Buckingham Palace, Hamleys and Carnaby Street


Last weekend we took a trip down to London, it was a really busy couple of days but we had a fantastic time. On the Friday evening we went to Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park which was lots of fun. The following day we explored London a little, visiting Buckingham Palace and doing some shopping.

I’ve been to London plenty of times before but I’ve actually never been to Buckingham Palace! When we explained to the kids that they could go and see where the Queen lives they were really excited, although a little disappointed when we got there and I told them that they weren’t actually allowed to go inside.

After Buckingham Place we walked through Green Park and over to Hamleys. The kids were crazy excited to visit Hamleys, we’d told them that they could pick a toy each so of course they couldn’t wait to go and have a look around. It was super busy, which we expected it to be just a few weeks before Christmas, but it was also Black Friday weekend which I think added to the chaos. But despite how busy it was, it was still amazing seeing the happiness on the children’s faces.

Next we wandered around the shops on Regent Street and then headed over to Liberty. I’ve wanted to visit Liberty for the longest time but have never gotten round to it. It is such a beautiful building and totally instagramable so of course I took plenty of photos of the both the flowers outside and the beautiful interior. Oh, and the Christmas department is amazing!

Carnaby Street was next on our list, such a cool place and again very instagramable! After that it was pretty much time for us to head back over to Kings Cross to catch our train home. We were all exhausted by this point and Max’s behaviour took a nose dive but it was to be expected really, it’s all part of travelling with kids I guess and especially one with ASD.

We had an amazing weekend in London, making lots of memories. London is so beautiful at Christmas time with all the lights and decorations, I can definitely see us going back next Christmas.

Here are my photos from the second part of our trip.

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Thanks for reading.


1 Comment

  1. December 4, 2016 / 1:08 pm

    Looks like you had a fantastic time x I bet Hamleys is amazing at this time of year.