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*This is a guest post*

Alaska is a unique vacation destination. The northernmost state in the US, it is a huge chunk of land covering over half of the entire mass of the States, and comes complete with some stunning landscapes and extraordinary natural beauty.

The remote, wild magic of the Alaskan wilderness makes it the perfect location for a romantic getaway. One of the most beautiful states in America, it offers adventure, romance, great accommodation and picturesque locations in equal measure, and is a truly once-in-a-lifetime destination for a couple looking for a different sort of vacation.

Whether you are looking for pristine natural wonders, snowy landscapes or a cosy remote hideaway where you are the only people for miles around, Alaska has you covered. Read on for a selection of the best romantic experiences that it is only possible to find out on the last frontier of America.

Tutka Bay

Tutka Bay, just past the entrance to Kachemak Bay, is a real slice of Alaskan paradise. Surrounded by mountain peaks and stunning fjords, it offers an amazing snapshot of some of the best landscapes Alaska has to offer and makes the perfect base to go on overnight excursions deeper into the Alaskan wilderness. The Tutka Bay Lodge is a wonderfully romantic place to stay, offering a traditional bed and breakfast as well as private accommodations linked by a raised wooden boardwalk.

Pearson’s Pond

Hidden in the Tongass Rainforest just outside Alaska’s capital Juneau, Pearson’s Pond is a charming and delightful spot. Pearson’s Pond Luxury Inn and Spa is well known for its romantic packages, and guests can relax with a view of the water, surrounded by the peaceful sounds of the rainforest. The Honeymoon Suite is particularly lovely, with private jacuzzis offering you the chance to sip champagne with your loved one looking out over the lake and take in Alaska’s huge skies.

Kenai Fjords National Park

For nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts, a trip around the Kenai Fjords National Park might be just the ticket. Boat adventures through the gorgeous fjords give you a chance to enjoy the picturesque views while whales and sea lions play around the boat, a unique and extraordinary experience. Alaska is all about the great outdoors, and getting up close and personal to nature will result in some cherished memories that will stay with you both for years.

Pacific Northwest Cruise

If some time spent on the water appeals, then why not consider a longer jaunt on the ocean waves. Always a romantic option, if you are considering a cruise Seattle is just down the coast and makes a wonderful destination from Alaska. A cruise from Alaska to Seattle will take in the glorious coastline of the Pacific Northwest, including the stark beauty of Canadian British Columbia, the excitement and effortless cool of Vancouver, nature in all its glory on Vancouver Island, and Seattle’s blend of great cuisine, iconic sights and laid-back Washington atmosphere. A cruise with your partner gives you some incredible one-on-one time in luxurious surroundings, as well as adding extra destinations to your Alaskan getaway.

Alaska Railroad Tour

The Alaska Railroad stretches right across the state, from Seward in the south to Fairbanks in the north. It takes in some of the best locations in Alaska, including Anchorage and Wasilla, and cuts through the most majestic landscapes and incredible country the state has to offer. Riding the rails in style can be a truly romantic thing to do, and there are a number of rail tours and packages that allow you to experience the Alaskan wilderness in style, from the comfort of a railway carriage.

Resurrection Bay and Fox Island

With its rocky mountain backdrop, clear icy waters and astonishing glaciers, Resurrection Bay is an incredible destination. For a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience, why not take a helicopter glacier tour, and make your romantic getaway genuinely special. You’ll soar above the Chugach Mountains and get the full picture of the Alaskan wilderness. For something a little more private and personal, head to the remote joys of Fox Island, where you’ll have a chance to spot puffins, whales, otters, and even bears, and discover the amazing diversity of life living in this seemingly inhospitable landscape.

Bear Glacier

Bear Glacier is the largest glacier in the Fjords National Park, and offers a wealth of amazing experiences for the adventurous couple. From kayaking or canoeing on Bear Glacier Lagoon to jet boating around the glacier, every experience is full of thrills and excitement. For the genuinely brave (or possibly foolhardy) couple, camping on the outer beach near the glacier is possible. You will be the only people for miles around, and you’ll feel like you have the world to yourself. Just don’t forget to bring your warmest sleeping bag, and pack extra socks!

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