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weighted blankets

*This is a guest post*

The Internet is filled with people raving about their weighted blanket and how it allegedly improves their health. Many people from Canada have bought one to see whether it would do them any good. Many have been so pleased that they recommended it to their friends and family. But, do weighted blankets really work?

What is a Weighted Blanket? 

Weighted blankets are not your ordinary blankets. They are throw-sized blankets packed with heavy materials such as plastic pellets. According to the users, the sheet creates a feeling of pressure, which results in helping them calm their nerves. According to studies, the concept of weighted blankets is based on Deep Pressure Stimulation (DPS) and Deep Touch Pressure (DTP).

They are best used by individuals who suffer from anxiety and stress for getting enough rest and sleep. This can be considered as a natural alternative to sleeping medicine as a weighted blanket may be a better solution. Here is some of the magic of weighted blankets one can experience.

Who Benefits from Weighted Blankets

Children with Autism

Most children diagnosed with autism have difficulty sleeping. As claimed by researchers, the use of weighted blankets for sleep problems related to autism shows little improvement in sleep scores. Still, parents believe that this “little improvement” is significant in their children with autism. The use of weighted blankets shows benefits also found in deep pressure therapy.

Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

The use of weighted blankets for ADHD has very little research. Despite the lack of studies, weighted vests have been used as a therapy to address hyperactive movements and improve attention. Children with ADHD exhibited fewer signs of hyperactivity, such as fidgeting, running off, and leaving tasks unfinished. Similarly, studies also reveal beneficial effects such as improvement of insomnia.

People with Anxiety

People with anxiety primarily use weighted blankets. DPS has long been proven to inhibit the activation of the autonomic arousal, which is the main culprit behind anxiety symptoms like tachycardia or increased heart rate. Research has shown that 33% of patients using weighted blankets experienced fewer bouts of anxiety. What is most notable about studies concerning the use of weighted blankets among patients with anxiety is that the most significant results were observed when they were lying down.

People Suffering from Insomnia

Sleep disorders can result in serious health problems. Based on the same study done on children with ADHD and weighted blankets, there is a notable improvement in the sleep quality of participants who used weighted blankets. Perhaps the sleep quality increased because they had fewer nighttime awakenings compared with those who did not use weighted blankets. Some also believe that because weighted blankets can alleviate the symptoms of restless leg syndrome, more people can sleep better. Note that patients suffering from restless leg syndrome often use compression socks to control their symptoms, and the concept of weighted blankets is similar.

People Undergoing Medical Procedures

Some healthcare providers allow their patients to use weighted blankets to help them during medical procedures. Based on a previous study, individuals who had weighted blankets during a dental procedure showed fewer signs of anxiety compared with those who did not use one.

The use of a weighted blanket in Toronto is increasing, and it is understandable. With all the valuable benefits it provides and the comfort it affords patients, it can be the solution to their issues without any negative side effects.. Does the magic of weighted blankets work? We’ve seen that it can. It is an excellent companion for those who want to calm their nerves.

Thank you for reading.

*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored article*