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Before you start preparing for your next trip, pack your phone with useful apps that can make your trip more convenient and enjoyable.

Here’s a list of some of the best apps for travellers.

The Best Apps For Travellers


Those who often travel overseas are well acquainted with jet lag and its effects on human health. Timeshifter is an app that relies on neuroscience research and human circadian rhythms to help individuals deal with jet lag. It provides individualised advice based on your age, gender, sleeping patterns, and trip details to help you enjoy your trip and make the most out of it. It will start giving you advice even before takeoff and tell you when to take naps, when to drink coffee , and more.

A VPN app

When travelling, you often rely on free WiFi in local cafes and restaurants you’re visiting. Even though most people use it to post photos on social media and get in touch with their loved ones, connecting to a public network can expose your sensitive data and do you more harm than good. Sometimes hackers create genuine-looking networks to intercept the connection and harvest user data. Therefore, if you’re planning on using public networks on your vacation, make sure to use a VPN. VPNs can protect your internet connection by rerouting it through an encrypted tunnel to keep your data private and secure. This app by ExpressVPN is an easy-to-use solution for beginners looking to elevate their cybersecurity strategy and make their travel experience more enjoyable.


If you’re planning a road trip across America, GasBuddy is an excellent app that helps you save gas money. It shows you the cheapest gas prices on your route and allows you to filter by price, location, or brand of your choice. It offers cashback rewards and alerts you on price fluctuations in nearby stores, so you can always choose the most affordable option. It’s an excellent app for foreigners unfamiliar with American prices and brands.


Hopper has evolved from a price prediction tool to a multi-service app that can help you plan your trip and expenses months in advance. Aside from helping you decide when to book a flight, it now offers travel protection and a price freeze that allows you to lock in flight deals at the lowest prices.Also, you can use the same app for booking hotels and cars.


If you want to start exploring new places like a local, Eatwith can be an excellent starting point. It’s a community of food enthusiasts from more than 130 countries worldwide who love hosting authentic dinner parties and meeting new people. You can have brunch in Paris or enjoy a true Italian feast in Rome – the possibilities are endless. If you’re an avid cook, you can invite people into your home and offer them a taste of your cuisine and tradition as well.

Regardless of the apps you use to guide you on your trips, always keep in mind who you’re entrusting your data with. Make sure to adequately protect your accounts and create a stable cybersecurity plan to keep your credentials out of hackers’ reach.

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