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Last weekend we went to Wurzels Pumpkin Patch to choose our Halloween pumpkins. Wurzels is located in Ecclesfield, Sheffield and is brand new this year. I had a few questions about it over on Instagram, so I thought I would share our experience with you.

For the past four years we’ve gone to Farmer Copley’s in Pontefract for pumpkin picking. It’s a tradition that the kids love and we’ve always enjoyed it there. We had hoped to go again this year but because of Covid, most places have booking systems in place and are limiting the amount of visitors. Because of this we unfortunately couldn’t get tickets this year, so we started looking at other options…

There are a few pumpkin patches close to Sheffield, and I think I may do a separate post listing these as I know it’s something that I would have found helpful when I was looking. But none are as close to us as Wurzels is, which is just 10 minutes away in Ecclesfield. I actually hadn’t heard of this place so was grateful when someone on Instagram suggested it to me.

They don’t appear to have a website, but they do have a Facebook page. Booking is required so you have to send them a message on Facebook to request a slot. There is no fee for entry, you just pay for the pumpkins that you pick.

Wurzels Pumpkin Patch was very easy to find, there’s a big sign outside so you really can’t miss it. There’s plenty of free parking available and the field itself wasn’t busy at all. There’s also hand sanitiser located at various points around the field, so we felt completely safe being there.

Pumpkins are priced as follows –

  • XS – £2
  • Small – £4
  • Medium – £6
  • Large – £8
  • XL – £10
  • XXL – £12

There’s a small tent set up in the field with some spooky decor, which the kids enjoyed. This is also where you pay for your pumpkins on your way out and can purchase any extras such as sweets and Halloween buckets.


The staff at Wurzels were all really friendly and went above and beyond to help. They even gave the kids a free balloon each (plus another when Max’s popped!). When we first arrived there wasn’t a wheelbarrow available so they kindly brought one over to us as soon as one became free.

Wurzels is only a small pumpkin patch, there’s not much else there apart from the pumpkins but we liked how simple it was and would definitely go again. This isn’t somewhere to rival places such as Farmer Copley’s but it did the trick and the kids thoroughly enjoyed it. We are just so pleased that there is now a pumpkin patch so much closer to home!


Have you been to Wurzels Pumpkin Patch yet?

Thank you for reading.