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A child car seat is a car seat that has been designed for children whenever they find themselves in a vehicle, traveling along with their families for short trips or extended periods. These prevent serious injuries or even the death of a child in the case of a car accident.

Like many products in the world, there are a variety of car seats available on the market. However, their uses vary as well. New parents may be confused about the best car seat for 2 year old children or their newborns.

So among all of the different child car seats available, what is the best option?

Rear-facing Seat

The rear-facing seat is the first option for new parents as they need something that can keep their child safe and comfortable, and they would be right. This seat is designed specifically for the younger ones, which has many aspects that make it a strong option. For one, these come with harnesses to keep the infants secure. These are also comfortable for the passengers on the seat itself, and these seats may be carried around which is convenient for parents who need to bring their children with them.

This may be a strong option to use, however, the problem is that this is only limited to infants. Using the seat for toddlers and children would make them uncomfortable and may cause some serious injuries. This also means that parents would need to spend more money for another seat.

Forward-facing Seat

The forward-facing seat is the seat for toddlers, ranging from 2 to 7 years old. They may support children standing at 4 feet and 9 inches and weighing in at less than 60 pounds which is impressive for the seat. The more important feature of any car seat is its safety measures, and these seats come with harnesses and straps that assure parents of their child’s safety.

Most of the seats have also been crash-tested, making them very safe and durable for the passenger. This, then, makes the seat a strong option for parents today.

However, the underlying problem in the seat is much like the rear-facing seat as these may encourage parents to spend much more on seats that are appropriate for the child’s size.

Booster Seat

The booster seats are for children who have become too big for their forward-facing seats. These are essentially seats that are simply placed on top of the regular car seat. However, this seat comes with no harnesses or belts for safety, but the purpose of this seat is to finally make use of the regular seatbelt for your children.

There are two versions of this seat which are the high-back booster and the backless. The first is made for those car seats that are lower compared to others and those which have no headrests. The latter is essentially used for the exact opposite, higher seats with headrests.

Parents’ problem with booster seats is their safety as these do not have any harnesses or belt straps. This is only meant to elevate the child to use the seat belt, which may even cause unfortunate accidents. Another problem is that these seats may turn out to be more expensive as these may not be the only seats that parents would spend on, a common problem in the previous seats mentioned.

Convertible Car Seat

The convertible car seat is probably the car seat that is the most famous and desired among most parents. There are many reasons why couples want this car seat for their children, and one of the reasons would be its safety features. They come with harnesses that keep the children secure.

Many of these car seats have been crash-tested, which also shows how durable these are. Along with their safety and durability, one would find that these are probably the more comfortable seats of the bunch. Perhaps the most important aspect of the seat is its ‘convertible’ factor.

This seat is three types of seats combined into one with the ability to act as a rear-facing, forward-facing, and booster seat. This would accommodate infants, toddlers, and children, making them feel safe and comfortable. This is another proof of its durability, as this would practically last a full childhood. This may be expensive at first, but it is a long-term investment parents should consider.

As always, the best out of anything does depend on what one needs at the moment. Those parents finding a seat for their newborns should decide on investing in a rear-facing car seat. Two-year-olds would find themselves most safe and comfortable in a front-facing car seat as these toddlers are much taller and heavier. Older children should eventually switch to booster seats, but one thing is clear. Among all of the seats, the convertible car seat is best to accommodate infants, toddlers, and children alike.

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