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The End of a Chapter and the Start of a New One


Today was Evie’s last ever day at preschool and I’m feeling much more emotional about it than I thought I would. When Max was about to start school I felt like he was totally ready for it and of course I had Evie at home with me so it didn’t feel like such a big thing. But now my baby is going off to school, my everyday life is going to change so much. No more babies at home with me, and it definitely feels like the end of a chapter in my life.

I remember so vividly those days when my life revolved around changing nappies, playing, nap times, all to the constant sound of CBeebies on the telly. It only seems like yesterday. Although in reality that hasn’t really been my life for a couple of years now, it still feels like such a big change for both of my babies to be full time school kids.

For the past year Evie has been doing two full days a week at preschool, Wednesday and Thursday. So Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays have always been mummy and Evie days. This week has been a little different as we go on holiday on Friday and James will be at home, so it won’t be just the two of us. Which means that Tuesday was our last proper day together, of course I have her for the next six weeks before school steals her away from me, but I will have Max around too.

I wanted to make our last couple of days together really special but also wanted them to be normal days, doing the ordinary things that we always do together. On Monday we just had a chilled out day at home and we painted our nails matching, which Evie loved.

On Tuesday we met our friends at the park. A trip to the park is such an simple, every day thing for us to do but that’s exactly why I wanted to go. It was the last time it’ll be just me and Evie there. After a play in the playground we had a wander around the walled garden and I watched her exploring without a care in the world, and it made me realise how big she’s gotten and how much she’s grown in confidence over the past year.

As sad as I am that this chapter of my life is ending, I am so excited of the next one. More time to myself to concentrate on my blog is brilliant, because trying to work whilst you have a four year old around isn’t always easy! I’ll also be able to get the house tidy (finally!) and start some of the decorating that’s been on our to do list for ages.

I’m really excited for Evie too, I think it will take her some getting used to but I know once she’s settled she will love school. When I picked her up from preschool today they said that she is definitely ready for it, and I know that they are right but it’s going to be hard handing her over to someone else five days a week.

Thanks for reading.