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Evie’s 4th Birthday Presents

4th birthday

So Evie’s 4th birthday is just three week away now, it’s crept up on me so quickly and I really need to start getting organised.

The only thing that I knew she wanted was a bike, because Max has got one and she has to have everything that her big brother has! She did ask for one for Christmas but it seemed a bit pointless with the weather, it made more sense to wait until her birthday as the weather should start improving not long after.

Because Christmas wasn’t that long ago, there isn’t actually much that she needs (or that we have room for!) so it’s not been easy coming up with ideas. But we’ve sat down together and come up with a few things that she would like. Here’s her list…

  1. Bottle, helmet and bell bundle – Halfords – This is to go with the bike that she wants. We both love the cute and colourful design on this set.
  2. Kidizoom Smart Watch – Vtech – Max has one of these in blue and Evie wants one the same. It’s a little soon for her to be learning to tell the time, but these watches are great as they can make videos, take photos and even play games on them! And it should last her for years to come.
  3. Elswick kids bike – Halfords – We sat and browsed bikes together and this is the one that Evie picked out. She wants one that either has a seat for her doll on the back or a basket on the front, and it has to be pink of course! We will probably go in to the store at some point and try some out to make sure she gets the right size.
  4. Genie Girls Glo Lantern – Argos – First we had Shopkins, then Puppy in my Pocket and now Evie is all about these Genie Girls Collectables. They actually look pretty cool in their little light up lantern, I would have loved these when I was kid!
  5. Happyland Forest Fairy Treehouse – Mothercare – We’re big fans of Happyland toys but it’s been a while since we last bought any. Evie spotted this treehouse in Mothercare a few weeks ago and has been asking for it ever since.
  6. Rapunzel Dress – Disney Store – Evie is really in to Disney princesses and playing dress up at the moment. She’s asked for a Rapunzel dress and as we are going to Disneyland in November I am happy to encourage all things Disney in the run up to our trip.
  7. Dolls House – Great Little Trading Company – We wanted to get Evie a dolls house for Christmas but there was just so much that she wanted, we had to draw a line somewhere. So we’ve decided to get one for her for her birthday instead. I have found that they can be really expensive, but this one is just £115 so pretty reasonable.
  8. Teepee – Great Little Trading Company – I’ve wanted a teepee for the kids for the longest time but we don’t have much space for one. Evie’s bedroom is only a box room so it wouldn’t fit easily in there, we could put it in Max’s room for them to share but what I love about this particular one is that it is easily collapsible, so they could use it on the garden in the summer and I can then store it away when it isn’t being used.
  9. Baby Alive – Amazon – I don’t know about anyone else but my kids are always watching YouTube videos and then wanting the toys that they see. Well that is where Evie has seen the Baby Alive. It’s basically a doll that you can feed and it poops and wees! My worst nightmare as a parent but she is so desperate for one. They don’t seem to be very easy to get hold of here in the UK but I have managed to find some on eBay and Amazon.

Thanks for reading.


1 Comment

  1. February 21, 2017 / 2:52 pm

    My little girl will be four in a couple of months time too. We have that wooden dolls house and it gets played with daily. x