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donor eggs

*This is a guest article*

“A family of my own – that’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

This simple statement is something many of us say at some point in our lives.

But for some, it becomes a heart-wrenching impossibility.

When you’re told conceiving naturally isn’t an option for you, it can feel as though your whole world has turned upside down. Furthermore, as you look at other potential options like donor egg, it can often feel as though you may not achieve the strong family bonds you’re hoping for.

But removing your eggs from conception doesn’t need to remove those important connections. In fact, it may just add to them.

Here’s why.

You Choose Your Donor Based on Multiple Factors

When you first start to process the concept of using an egg donor to have a baby, it can possibly feel ‘too clinical’ or disconnected. However, in most cases this couldn’t be further from the truth.

First, you have two options when choosing your donor. You can head to your local clinic to find a donor provided by a donor egg bank like Donor Egg Bank USA, or you can opt for someone you know.

If there isn’t a close family member or friend to offer their help, or you’re concerned about ongoing relationships and dynamics– don’t despair.

Donor egg banks offer you the chance to find a similar connection with your donor as you would with someone you know. When using frozen donor eggs, a donor isn’t just drawn out of a hat and assigned to you. Rather, you’re given access to a huge pool of potential donors to choose from. You can take your time to find your best donor match.

Will you choose someone who resembles your family’s unique characteristics? Will you look for someone who possesses important traits you’d love your child to inherit? Or will you simply leave your choice to that ‘gut feeling’ you often rely on?

The choice is entirely up to you, so take your time to find the right donor for you.

Your Genes Aren’t Bypassed Entirely

It’s a common misconception that using an egg donor will immediately remove your genetics from the process. Yet again, this isn’t the whole truth.

While you’ll be using another woman’s eggs, and thus her genes, you’ll still be able to have an influence on how your child’s genes are expressed. This happens while you’re carrying your baby in your womb when microRNAs are passed between you and your growing baby. These microRNAs control the development of your child’s genes and, therefore, have an impact on the genetic make-up of your unborn child.

The lifestyle choices you make can have a significant influence on your baby, too.

From the exercise you enjoy to keeping stress and anxiety in check while you’re pregnant, you’re nurturing your child’s development from the moment of implantation. Thus, the experience of nurturing your baby in your womb is unparalleled when it comes to establishing those unbreakable mother-child bonds.

You’re Going to Be Mum – From Day One

For many women undergoing a donor egg cycle, one of their biggest concerns is whether or not their baby will look to them as their ‘real’ mum. Will their baby be able to sense the lack of a direct genetic connection?

Although your donor plays an important role in forging your future family, it’s important to remember she’s simply passing on a piece of genetic material.

You’re the one who will carry, nurture, love, and protect your baby from the moment you’re pregnant. You’re the one who will feel their first kick, talk to them while they’re in the womb, and breastfeed them when they arrive. You’ll be the person to hold their hands throughout the rest of their lives.

From day one you’re their mum, and your donor is the steppingstone to your future. And in that future, mum and baby are a formidable family with an unbreakable bond.

Thank you for reading.

*This is a sponsored post*

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