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*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored post*

With the UK in the midst of another national lockdown, many of us are trying to home school our children the best we can. It’s not always easy, that’s for sure and it can get stressful for both children and parents at times. So I was really pleased when I discovered Tiger and Tim recently, a brand new educational kids YouTube channel. We’ve been enjoying their videos and wanted to share our thoughts, anything to make home learning a little easier on us parents is a win for me.

Just a Tiger, and his best friend, Tim. Bringing joy and education to kids around the world!

About Tiger and Tim

Tiger and Tim is the newest educational children’s YouTube channel, with a focus on reading and literacy for young kids. Tiger and Tim was created from lockdown, loneliness and a desire to help people when they needed it most. They hope to be able to show children that we are all better of united.

“Through our YouTube videos, our social media presence, our blogs and our educational materials, we promise to cultivate cultural awareness, curiosity, creativity, compassion, and most importantly, close the very wide literacy gap that now exists around the world.”

Home learning

Although my children are set work each day from their school, it is often challenging to get them motivated to learn. I believe that learning from home has to be fun to get children to engage. Which is where Tiger and Tim come in. Watching a fun video won’t feel like a chore for little ones and they will be learning without even realising it! As Tiger and Tim say – education is best, when it doesn’t really feel like education.

Tiger and Tim’s videos on the ancient Egyptians and British culture were great for my daughter Evie and fitted in really well with her current topics at school.

YouTube channel

Tiger and Tim’s videos are aimed at children aged 3+, I found that my 7 year old really enjoyed the videos too. Whatever your children’s age, there’s something to suit them on Tiger and Tim’s YouTube channel. From bedtime stories and fun jokes to astronaut trivia! There’s currently 34 videos available to watch on the channel with more added each week.

Evie’s favourite part of Tiger and Tim’s videos has to be Quiz Corner, closely followed by Story Time. Quiz Corner is of course lots of fun for little ones but it’s also a great learning opportunity. I’m always amazed at how much she has taken in throughout the video. It’s safe to say she knows more about the Pyramids of Giza now than I do!

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Your Tiger and Tim fans can even appear on the show themselves! Simply upload photos of your pets and artwork here to be featured.

Find out more

Visit the Tiger and Tim website for blog posts and educational material. And don’t forget to subscribe to the Tiger and Tim YouTube channel for free weekly content. You can also follow tiger and Tim on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tik Tok.

Have you checked out Tiger and Tim yet?

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