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traumatic birth

*This is a guest post*

The birth of a child is always a cause for joy. However, some deliveries are so traumatic that a mother may find it hard to recover. When this happens, the newborn child and everyone else in the family can be affected. Recovering from a painful experience is a process but not impossible. Here are some tips to help you deal with a traumatic birth:

Stop Blaming Yourself

As a mother, you may have prepared for the coming of your child, however, when your plan does not work out, you should not blame yourself. Instead, you should give yourself a good pat for pulling it together despite the circumstances. While it is acceptable to feel distressed about unexpected events, you have to acknowledge that you need a support system to help you be brave in a situation.

Ask for Help

You might think that, as a mother, you have to be the primary provider for your child. But, you have to remember that you have to be completely well before you can provide the utmost care that your child needs. It is okay to ask for help. Communicate with your partner or other family members how you might need help in caring for your newborn.

Accept Emotional Support

Some mothers feel vulnerable after giving birth. You can expect people to show empathy to you and your situation. Make sure that you accept all the emotional support that you can get to make sure you can get all the strength you would need to care for your child.

Confide in Someone

Should you ever find yourself in distress, it would be best to unload your emotions to someone you trust. Don’t ever think that they will judge or blame you for what happened. Sometimes, it would help if you can share your story about the circumstances of the events leading to a traumatic birth.

Grasp the Events

Sometimes, you might feel that traumatic childbirth occurred because there were omissions. As such, it would help if you can grasp the events that led to it. Collect as much information as you can and fill in the gaps in the circumstances. This way, it would be easy for you to get a full sense of what actually happened. Check medical notes and other details. Update your records as much as possible.

Attend Debriefing Sessions

Most hospitals offer debriefing services for mothers who have to go through a traumatic experience. In some cases, should they assess that you need counselling or therapy, avail them as well. This process is beneficial, especially if you and your partner are considering having another child.

File a Formal Complaint

If you believe that negligence on the part of the healthcare provider caused the birth injury, then it would be best for you to file a case against the medical provider. Aside from validating your experience, it could also help other people avoid the same fate that you experienced. There are lawyers like Tinker law firm who specialises in dealing with medical malpractice and birth injury. These lawyers can help you look at your case and see if you have a valid claim.

Give Yourself Time to Heal

Mothers feel that they need to heal as fast as they can because they need to take care of their child. However, you should allow yourself to heal; you should not force it. You should allow yourself to gain the self-confidence of believing that you are a mother who can take good care of your child.
Dealing with a traumatic birth is never easy. But with a healthy support system, you can triumph over it.

Thank you for reading.

*Disclaimer – This is a sponsored article*